HM3: The game is afoot!

I've posted a new update to the HeroMachine 3 Alpha. The big addition is the "FootRightMaleStandard" set, so you can start shoe-ing your creations. The FootLeft will be coming in the next day or two, but in the meantime you can use the "flip" button to get by. Just find the shoe you want, click the "multiples" button, add the same shoe again, click the "Flip" button, and put it where you want for a matching pair. Here's a taste of the new items:


Also in this update I've changed the sort order on the slot dropdowns. Before the slots were listed in stack order, starting from the bottom layer (which currently is "Backplane") and working its way up. Now it's just in alpha order. Let me know which you prefer, it's easy enough to change.

I also made the two dropdown boxes a bit larger, both for ease-of-reading and because before I had unknowingly shrunk them, which made it really hard to line everything up properly. It was really irritating. Now it's all scaled at 100% and my math is working.

Finally, I changed the wording on the "allow multiples" radio button. Before it would say "Allow multiple Body items? YES/NO", which I think is clearer, but it was all jammed up in there and looked crappy. I reduced it to read "Multiples/Singles", but I don't know if that's going to be obvious or not. It's a very important piece of functionality that I don't think is immediately intuitive, so any feedback you have on the best way to present it would be appreciated.

Let me know any other foot-type items you want. I decided to consolidate Footwear into just Foot, since there aren't that many plain old feet I could think of. Plus, with the Multiples thing, it works out a little better this way.

I will be adding a "LegwearKneepads" set as well for those sorts of items. I've got several from the Lordi and Warrior applet that are cool and deserve to be included, plus I want to include some medieval knight-type knee protectors.