HM3: Houston, we have spandex

I've now added a set of "LegwearMaleSpandex" items to the HeroMachine 3 Alpha. Enjoy! Holler if there are spandex variations you'd like to see. I'm thinking I should probably include at least the flying-type full-length leggings too.

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  1. Kalkin says:

    Good job with HM3. Here’s a few suggestions of stuff I’d like to see included:
    -Parts of armor that look like various animals (lion shoulder plate, dragon’s head armor etc.)
    -Neck armor (from a simple 18th century neck plate to oversized jousting plates, some with side protection, some with front and some fully rounded and finally some covering the back of the neck.) Both useful and impractical models.
    -Various hoods (with shadow, narrow and wide openings with runes inscribed etc.)
    -Helmet with partial face cover (greek helmet, norman nosebar, generic helmet with a M- or T-shaped facial space etc.)
    -Separate feathers for helmets.
    -Generic pouches, pockets, scroll holders, test tube holders, potion holders.
    -18th century musketeers bucket shaped hat.
    -Napoleonic era grenadiers cone shaped hat and slinged hand grenades.
    -A conquistador style belt going over chest with gunpowder charges and powder horn hanging from it. Also a conquistadors arquebuss (primitive musket).
    -A clerics cloth, with magic runes on it or even better an option to add symbols and runes. (I don’t know its official name, but its basically a neck ribbon that hangs both ends loosely in front at knee length and the middle part goes over the shoulders behind the head, like an uppside down letter U). Maybe optional tassels at the ends. On second thought, tassels should probably be included as a separate choice to be added on any garments. The neck ribbon thingy could have flat ends.
    -Tattoos (face, chest, shoulders, arms, legs, generic, runic designs for shamans and sorcerers).
    -Spindly looking mechanical limbs, like a terminator, but a little thinner pistons for airyness and open gears to give anachronistic feel. Such a limb could be in several pieces, to have a choice with and without gears and different sized switchable hands. I’m thinking something like oversized fists with only a couple of pistons between elbow and shoulder kind of look. Then there could be couple of styles, a functionalistic terminator look with straight pistons with little details, anachronistic style with clockwork and open gears and finally an artistic style with engravings, round shapes and aesthetic features.
    -A smokestack at the back for a steam powered golem.
    -Insect legs, thin ant legs and praying mantis arms, maybe a mechanical version too.
    -Dark elf-style weapons, armor and clothing (skintight lamellar armor with lots of sharp points and edges, vicious instruments and hooks hanging from belt etc.).
    -Forest elf-style weapons, armor and clothing (stuff looks like living wood, growing leafs etc). E.g. a leafed cloak, living bow, hair bush.
    -Warhammer 40000K orc-style armor and weaponry (ammo belts visible, open missile racks on shoulder, big power jaw, power fist with scissor like cutter, pieced together armor).
    Well, that’s all from me. I’m out of ideas now.

  2. Kalkin says:

    Ow…I thought of one more: A faceplate to a magical armor with no holes in it. Just a vague face shape with no sharp features. Like a one of those carnival masks from Venice. Although venician carnivals are a good source for mask and hood design in general too.

  3. The Imp says:

    Yeah, spandex for the flying ‘bent-knee’ type legs would be good.

  4. The Imp says:

    I have a random question totally unrelated to this post:

    Jeff, whatever happened to that Facemaker app you were working on last year? Did that get folded into HM3 since you can have a portrait shot with that?

  5. redvector says:

    Will footware have it’s own slot or will it be folded into into the Legware slot?

  6. Worf says:

    I sincerely hope you’re right Imp. That facemaker app was great and having all the face items from that into HM3 would just make me as happy as a Klingon fighting a very worthy opponent (or as happy as a clam if you prefer that kind of thing) šŸ˜‰

  7. Mr. Q says:

    The HM3 is perhaps the best hero generator by far. I would like to see spandex tops for the bottoms in the near future. btw, will you develop female body types as well? I liked the normal and the amazon females from HM 2.5. =)

  8. Jeff Hebert says:

    Dang Kalkin, that’s a heckuva list, thank you. I’ve pasted it into my running “item requests” file. Can’t promise I’ll get to it all but it’s good to have some ideas!

    I still have all the FaceMaker items, some of which you’ve already seen in the various Minis (glasses and hair, plus a bunch of facial hair). I do plan on porting over pretty much all of it for the various face components.

    Footwear will have its own two slots (left and right). I’ll have to go back and edit out the feet in the Standard Body items, otherwise it’ll be kind of pointless.

    Mr. Q, I haven’t done the TopsStandard set yet, just TopsTech, so it will have spandex items like the Legwear slot, definitely. I’ll also be adding female body support after I get the male done. Hopefully I’ll be able to get by with just redrawing the Tops, Legwear, some features, Hands, and such — just stuff that’s different from a man’s body, leaving gender-neutral things like Items the same.

    The nice thing about the new interface is, I don’t have to have completely discreet sets of items for everything, it can all be shared. So if you want a man with female hair or dresses or whatnot, you can.

  9. Jeff Hebert says:

    OK, just updated the Spandex set with full leotards of the two non-standard leg positions. Enjoy.

  10. Timespike says:

    The various spandex “cutouts” from overshirt and overleggings in HM 2.5 would be great.

    My wish list is a lot shorter than Kalkin, but here ya go:

    The face mask part of the mask of The Killer from Wanted: Weapons of Fate (sleek gas mask & goggles; leather head covering isn’t necessary or desired)

    Sam Fisher’s goggles from Splinter Cell

    Crosshairs insignia
    Shoulder flag insignia (US, UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Australia, USSR, Russia, Poland, Jordan, Nazi, Syria, Finland)

    SPAS-12 shotgun
    FN F2000 AR

    Around-eye designs for masks/faces. Like the ones seen on Grifter, Deadpool, Spawn, Spiderman, Backlash, and about a million other superheroes.

    Masks with much smaller “slit” eye holes. See Batman, The Flash, most masked Image characters, etc.

  11. Fabien says:

    A cool thing to install when HM 3 will be release is a tips section in the HM site. You could call contribution of the HM community and you select the best tip. It’s interesting because HM 3 is a program with a ton of possibility and sharing stuff must be useful.

  12. Danny Beaty says:

    I like the shoulder flag insignia idea.

  13. Ballin' Boy says:

    what about a couple leggins with boots already attached for the flying legs and stuff.

  14. The Imp says:

    Timespike brings up a good point about masks. What about a sleeker domino mask for HM3 (like that of the Comedian), along with a bigger domino mask, like the one Green Lantern wears?

  15. newbie says:

    ok um this is out of context but do i have to register in ugo forums and is my “name (required)” my ugo forums user name?

  16. newbie says:

    could we have 1800’s uniforms from Bernard Cornwell’s “Sharpe” series? and maybe the 95th rife regiment insignia shoulder patch? next some US or GB rank patches?

  17. newbie says:

    could you add some new female faces and or hair? oh and some spandex would be good too.

  18. Blue Blazer says:

    I’ll assume we can expect spandex in the Tops section as well?

  19. Danny Beaty says:

    Blue Blazer is right. We needs spandex in the tops section.

  20. Fabien says:

    We want spandex but also kevlar bodysuit.