HM3: Alpha JPG tweak

Just a quickie update, the HM3 Alpha "Save as JPG" feature now saves the figure and not just its left leg. Oops.

3 Responses to HM3: Alpha JPG tweak

  1. Cavalier says:

    I didn’t like my guy running around like Dr. Manhattan, so I figured out how to turn a cape in to a kilt! Maybe that’s not special for some folks, but I was impressed. Once patterns are enabled I can go for a tartan.

    I am having fun with HM3 already.

  2. Jason says:

    I have been enjoying the freedom of the internet by immersing myself in HM3 for the night. I was going back in blog time to when you posted the “Whatcha want in HM3” post, but this one fits better for the main thing. I finnished a guy and tried out the save as JPG feature. Easy enough to do (much easier than doing print screen) However, I had the top of his wings, and the far left side of the same wing cut off. I figure you probably adjusted the x/y coords but didn’t take into account large items like those mammoth wings.

    (If you want to see the pic to verify what’s going on I’ll be happy to e-mail it)

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    Unfortunately that’s just the way it works, the dimensions can’t be changed on the fly. If I make the dimensions way bigger to accommodate oversized items, then everyone else’s regular character will be swimming in a sea of white.