Contest 49 Winner

For the second time in two weeks (these things do seem to go in spurts), the winner of the weekly HeroMachine Caption Contest is ... Steve!


This was a tough one to judge, there were a LOT of really good entries; clearly Cory was right, this was a very good panel to choose. I pulled out what I thought were the best of the best for Honorable Mentions, but a tip-o-the-hat to everyone who entered:

  • Ian: Citizen, you have a booger.
  • Cory: Wonder Twin Powers Activa…oops
  • Socrates: Can you hear me now
  • Blue Blazer: My MOTHER made these shoulder pads!
  • Rick: Got yer nose!
  • EnderX: “Our testers rated this helmet 0 out of 10.”

Steve will win another black and white illustration of whatever he likes (within reason), so congratulations again to him. If you want to win your own professional drawing, Caption Contest 50 is coming up soon, so stay tuned!

5 Responses to Contest 49 Winner

  1. DJ says:

    “The cake was a lie” didnt even get an honorable mention? It was a video game reference AND a past caption contest reference. I was sure it would at least get an honorable mention.

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    Just in general, any joke that requires research to get is probably not the right kind of joke for something like this. Reasonable people differ on what’s funny or not, of course, but since I own the blog, clearly I am right and you’re a Johnny Stinky Pants.

    That was a joke, btw. Good thing I can’t enter my own contest with that level of high-brow stuff ain’t it??!!?!?

  3. DJ says:

    I like jokes that require research 🙁 lol.

    Eh I’ll try harder next time.

  4. Niall Mor says:

    Now that the contest is over, I can submit my illegal fourth entry that I thought of after I’d met my quota:

    You may experience some slight discomfort during this procedure, Mr. Johnson.

    I dunno about you, but when I go to the doctor and they say, “You may experience some slight discomfort during this procedure,” that’s code for, “This is gonna hurt like a mutha.” 🙂

  5. DJ says:

    Nah that’s code for “hehe I love doing this to you.”

    Doctors are frickin sadists.