HM3 Journal: That crazy RGB beat

I spent all day (literally) fulfilling Eric's request in the comments to my last HM3 update, and am happy to say that the basics of manual RBG and alpha color entry are in for HM3. The screen grab here doesn't have the Alpha channel implemented yet, but it's coming:


All of the 28 color boxes on this page are custom ones, filled by moi. I can put more boxes in there if you want, though even 28 seemed kind of like overkill. Anyway, from this panel you can mouse over the color gradient until you get the color you want and click, saving it to the custom color swatches (and also filling in the hex and RGB fields with that color's values in case you need a starting point).

You can also manually enter a hex value if you prefer that and save that color swatch.

Or, you can enter Red, Green, and Blue colors in the text boxes and save that color.

Meanwhile you can adjust the alpha (transparency) of any particular color area on the figure as well, so you can get those cool see-through skeleton skins and such. There'll be a text box like the RBG ones next to the Alpha slider for that purpose.

I love this -- you guys make a request, it sounds like a good idea that I can hypothetically figure out, and bam, it goes in the program. That's the kind of live, interactive development you can only get with the web.

So thank Eric if this sounds like something you'll get use out of! And if you won't, you can just ignore it -- you're under no obligation to use any of the new advanced color functions at all if you don't want.

And now, the weekend, woot!