Random Panel: I think "Earthquake in Pants" would be a great band name


6 Responses to Random Panel: I think "Earthquake in Pants" would be a great band name

  1. Niall Mor says:

    Not only that, but when I hear that “earthquake in pants” line in my head, it comes out in a French accent like Pepe le Pew’s; but the guy saying it is wearing a turban! Go figure!

  2. Niall Mor says:

    Off topic: A few days ago, I came up with an idea for a space pirate/mercenary character called The Marauder. Think of him as one part Blade, one part Shaft, and one part The Rock. First I drew him in Fabrica de Herois (Hero-O-Matic) and he came out looking like a cartoon character. I redrew him in HeroMachine and he looks like a bad motha (Shut yo’ mouth! :)) wich was the effect I was going for. HeroMachine is still the coolest hero generator around. You rock, Jeff!

  3. Niall Mor says:

    Oops! The word “wich” in the above post should be “which.” I can spell, really 🙂

  4. HalLoweEn JacK says:

    Earthquake in pants… the best part is the second guy’s response!

    Is that an earthquake in your pants or have you stolen my cat?

  5. Frankie says:

    I beleive that that is a woman, not a guy H. Jack.

  6. HalLoweEn JacK says:

    You’re right – I didn’t pay enough attention to the jawline