HeroMachine 3.0 begins

Today I am officially starting on HeroMachine 3.0; I even created a folder for it on my hard drive, so you know it's serious!

It will be built on the same code base as the recent Warrior and Horror Minis, meaning it will have all of those features (scalability, custom colors, line colors, movable items, rotation, transparency, multiple items in a slot) and more. During the discussion of those minis, I kept a list of feature requests that seemed like particularly good ideas, and I am listing them below. Take a look and let me know any other stuff you'd like to see HM3 have.

  • Magnifying glass zoom feature
  • Pre-set pose/body style buttons to recreate classic builds.
  • Preview mode.
  • "clone" button
  • On the scaling tool, a button "keep proportion" would be useful.
  • Pop up asking if you really want to delete ALL items.

I've still got some work to finish on both the Zombie Mini and the general Horror Mini but hopefully that'll be done in the next two weeks, and can go on concurrently with the HM3 stuff.

I'm very excited, and I have high hopes that this will all come together very quickly!