Poll Position: Batman vs. the Big Baddies

Since the Dark Knight proved so popular in our last question, let's raise the bar a notch by getting rid of all those pesky constraints the latest movie franchise puts on us, and get down to some real power-game silliness:



Discussion to follow.

It's hard to go bigger than Superman and Darkseid, but let's give it a shot.

  • Doctor Doom: We've touched on this in other Poll Positions, and I think a matchup between these two ultra-wealthy, ultra-intelligent, extremely devious opponents would be awesome. I also like that Doom harnesses the powers of the occult while Bruce is all about the science, to add some yin-yang goodness to the mix. Doom isn't quite the galactic-level threat of a Darkseid (or Superman for that matter) but I think his nastiness makes up for it.
  • Galactus: Powers sort of become negligible with Galactus because, come on, no one's going to really knock him for a loop. Unless you're talking Marvel Zombies of course, which let's not, because THE STUPID, IT BURNS!! Anyway, Reed Richards doesn't have anything on Bruce Wayne, and still was able to defeat the Big Purple People Eater.
  • Hercules: Up there with Superman in terms of raw strength. I'd be curious to see what Batman could do against a demi-god.
  • Hulk: See Hercules. Someone said this had already been done, but since I haven't read it, it doesn't count. I rule!
  • Invincible/Omni-Man: I know most people don't read Invincible here, but it's a great book and a great character. The race he comes from are basically like amped-up Kryptonians, and pretty much rule the galaxy. As an aside, during one of Invincible's forced-trip dimension hops, there's a panel where he's standing on a rooftop having a bit of a debate with someone who, in profile and description, sure sounds a lot like our Caped Crusader. Muy humoroso.
  • Loki: I like the idea of Batman going up against a God, and Loki brings not just the big-muscled brawn of a Hercules but cunning and deceit as well. I think this one would be dark and wrenching.
  • Magneto: Like Doom, not really a galactic-level threat, but he's a bigwig in the Marvel Universe. He and Batman are similarly driven, and the clash between powers-vs-no-powers would be cool.
  • Super-Skrull: Could Batman take on the entire Fantastic Four's power set? I don't know but it'd be more fun than watching batarangs boink off Galactus' giant hat, that's for sure.

So having sifted through them, I think I'd cast my vote for ... Loki. I tend to prefer the more cerebral/psychological sorts of issues, and that matchup seems best suited for it.

Feel free to add your own to the list (keep 'em clean, kids!) if there's a good one you think I missed. Either way, let everyone know what your thought process is for whichever option you choose in the comments below.