Poll Position: Being the Big Cheese

This week's little thought experiment involves you, Superman's powers, and only 24 hours to live:



Discussion after the jump.

Part of the problem with writing a Superman story is that the guy can do anything. So why doesn't he? I think it's easy to sit back in our little mortal armchairs and quarterback Big Blue's life, thinking how much better we'd do if we were him. But it's not as easy as you might think. Want to destroy all the world's nukes? Someone would be the first to build new ones, and then what? You've got one nation that can nuke anyone else, and it would HAVE to be tempting for them to use that power. Nuclear deterrence is also a real thing, what would India and Pakistan do if annihilation were no longer a threat?

Big actions are scary because it's almost impossible to know what their results would be. And with only 24 hours to live, you wouldn't be in any position to fix whatever goes wrong.

So think long and hard about it, and if you come up with something better, add it to the list. I'm curious to see what you all come up with!