Contest 42 Winner

The winner of the HeroMachine Caption Contest 42 is ... Ian!


The whole thing tickles my brain in a weird way, from the nonsense of the actual sentence to the look on Thor's face. I imagine him being all "whaa-hunhn?!" Plus the combination of leather and lemon cookies is just perfect with the long flowing blond hair. Well done, Ian!

The other Honorable Mentions from this week in my humble opinion were:

  • Runt82: You know the Kama Sutra? They had to write an entirely new chapter because of me.
  • The Doomed Pixel: Wait…That’s not the Heimlich…
  • Ian: Mmmmm…you smell like leather and lemon cookies!
  • The Imp: Lemme show you why they call me ‘Mr. Fantastic’…
  • Ballin' Boy: Giddy up!
  • Neil Leslie: Hello there, Thor. Let me tell you about my stimulus package.

Neil Leslie's in particular was very timely, and now every time I watch the news and hear that phrase I'm going to get the willies. Thanks for that mental image, Neil.

Many thanks to everyone who entered! Ian and I will be talking about what he'd like for his prize, and we'll be sure to share it with you once we're done.