Horror mini update

I've got all 52 Head items in and the 12 hand-held items, so I took a moment to whip up a scary-looking guy in the upcoming Horror Mini.


That's an assemblage of something like eight different "Head" elements, some (like the eyes, horns, and ears) duplicated and flipped. I like the effect of having one huge eyeball hidden behind the ball-less socket of an eye item, while the other giant eyeball has been moved in front of it to look like it's bulging out. Good times.

Here he is from a distance:


He's kinda nekkid on account of I don't have the clothing items in yet, but you get the idea. I like the effect of the two different interior colors combined with the red line color, all outlined in black with the "outline" feature.

The deadline on this is extremely tight, so I don't know if you'll have a chance to play with it in beta before it launches, but I hope you will for at least a day or two.