Bad Costumes: Rickrolled villains

I can't decide if "Eighty-Five", the "Galaxy of the Guardians" villain shown here, is built to look like a 1985 disco reject or if that's just a coincidence:


You've got the long, wavy, probably-permed hair, the huge cheesy grin, and the "Magnum, PI" macho-man mustache. If he had a headband I'd know it was a deliberate put-on but there's just enough doubt ... tell you what, let's pull back a bit and consider the rest of his outfit, maybe that'll tell us for sure.


Whatever else you want to say about the guy, he's certainly polite. I hate being executed by someone who doesn't even have the courtesy to introduce themselves first, so big props for that. Back to the costume, though ...

The long bulky cape, beefy thighs, and gold medallion clasps certainly suggest that the artist is slyly pulling our leg, but not ultimately definitive.

And then you get to the chest.

Oh my, the chest. Plunging v-neck skin-tight shirt plus almost bear-like manful hair definitely means the designer was for reals on this one. Wow. I bet his motto is "Manly men doing manly things in a manly way."

What's most depressing about this whole thing is that even centuries in the future, we'll still have mullets. And that's just sad, y'all.

(Image and character ©Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. "Guardians of the Galaxy" number 20.)