META: Contact form working again

Apparently the Contact Form page has been broken since the site went down last month. Oops! Furthermore it turns out the old contact form is what broke the site in the first place, and when I tried to put it back just now, it broke the site again. How rude! So I slapped a handle on it and toted it off, just a like a cabbage (or a man, as if there's a difference), replacing it with a different, less pretty but more functional, form. It appears to now be working.

My apologies for the aggravation.

3 Responses to META: Contact form working again

  1. DJ says:

    You can always rely on the good ol’ cabbage handle to fix things.

  2. princess says:

    dj what is your real name matter of fact how old are you?

  3. DJ says:

    Why do you ask? That is kind of private you know?