Contest 33 Winner!

The winner of Caption Contest 33 is ... MLS!


MLS wins a custom black and white illustration of whatever they like (within reason), which I'll post to the blog when completed.

There were a lot of really good entries this time, I guess everyone gets inspired by floating wienies. I know I do. Here were the ones I thought were particularly funny:

  • Meg: Unidentified frying objects!
  • Vengeance: Cry havoc! And let slip the pies of war!
  • Will: Oh no! My “dinerkinesis” manifests itself at the worst times!
  • Niall Mor: This is the second weirdest breakfast buffet I’ve ever seen.
  • Kaldath: I know I said I wanted my order to go but this is ridiculous!
  • Rick: I said I like the same thing every day not everything the same day!
  • Danny Beaty: I’ll never eat at Chez San Andreas again!
  • Yusuf Mumtaz: The Telekinetic Waiters union is getting too powerful.
  • Whit: This isn’t what I meant when I ordered a float!

It was a real toss-up for me between MLS's entry and Meg's, Vengeance's, Will's, and Niall Mor's. All of them I thought were especially creative and funny and I had a really hard time deciding. I particularly tip my hat to Will for coining a wonderful new term; I look forward to Marvel's upcoming "Dinerkinesis Man", I think we can all agree that would rawk. I think what finally decided me in MLS's favor was the whole concept of a guy deliberately setting out to create -- on purpose -- lenses whose whole purpose was to levitate food. That's just awesome. And then imagining what kind of outfit that kind of guy would come up, that just cracks me up and tickles my brain in just the right way.

Many thanks to everyone's awesome entries this week, they are truly inspired. Congratulations to MLS, and to all of the honorable mentions as well. Great job everyone!

Your chance to win your own custom black and white illustration of whatever you like is coming up in just a bit, so be sure to check the site often!