Caption Contest 26 Winner!

The Mighty God King has spoken (perhaps in consultation with Rex the Wonder Dog, perhaps not, he's not saying) and has chosen Evil Midnight Lurker as the winner of Caption Contest 26!


The other entries that made me personally laugh out loud were:

  • John D: Wait!! i’m not part of the seafood platter!
  • Frankie: And here I thought blowing up a barrel of fish would be easier than shooting them.
  • Jev: This is not my beautiful vault, these are not my beautiful coins!
  • Syzyx: Water off a duck’s back? Sure. But the fish still hurt.
  • God of Plague: One more cruise like this and I’m gonna be Screwed McDuck.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and to the Mighty God King for guest-judging. Evil Midnight Lurker and I will start working on his or her custom black and white illustration asap -- for your own chance to win, take a shot at "Caption Contest 27: Crack is WHAKT!" going on now!