Contest 24 Winner: The Marshall

Jonny and I have finished his illustration prize for winning Caption Contest 24, and it's his own creation called "The Marshall". Here was Jonny's description:

I call him the Marshall. Picture super agents meet old west cowboys. Fedora,buckskin jacket,biker boots, and underneath it all is high tech bodyarmor. The Marshall always has a smile on his face no matter the circumstance. Lamb chop sideburns,and Rayban style shades are his hallmark. Standard issue sidearm in a thigh holster ,and if he is expecting trouble a submachine gun completes the kit. The Marshall is a combo of Nick Fury,John Wayne,and James Bond.

I added a toothpick, but it seemed to fit. And while that might be more of a snarl/grimace than a smile, I think it turned out really well:


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