Caption Contest 25: Clown Town

I take comedy very seriously. But not as seriously as this guy:


Come up with the best caption for the comic book panel above and, if your entry is selected, you’ll win your very own custom black and white illustration of whatever you like (within reason) by yours truly. As always, the rules are simple: Only three entries per person, put your dialog in the comments to this post, and keep it relatively clean (as in, appropriate for a broadcast TV sitcom).

Good luck everyone!

37 Responses to Caption Contest 25: Clown Town

  1. Xstacy says:

    This November, don’t elect just any evil clown for President! Elect the best evil clown!

  2. Danny Beaty says:

    1. I’m John McCain, and I approve this message.
    2. Cheney, Rice, we got away with it!
    3. White clown with gun. Yeah, I’m repulican

  3. Danny Beaty says:

    3. White clown with gun. Yeah, I’m republican

  4. Ashton Thomas says:

    Danny wins.
    Shut ‘er down Jeff.

  5. The Doomed Pixel says:

    1) Tonight on The Price is Right, we learn if contestants do well…under pressure!

    2)Doing a John Wayne Gacy reference would be tasteless, but I’m gonna do one anyways!

    3) Remember, kids, stay in school, this could be you!

  6. Dude says:

    WHAT!!! They evicted Jesse from the big brother house! I will have my REVENGE!!

  7. Loki says:

    What!? The Dark Knight try-outs are over? NOOOOOOOO!

  8. Kaiju says:

    1. In soviet russia, clown laughs at you!
    3. Why so serious?!

  9. Runt82 says:

    1) Hey Cooky, Bozo needs his meds!

    (The Bozo Show and yet again, I feel old.)

  10. Runt82 says:

    2) Doody-doody-doo this, Wizzo!

    (I can’t help it, he looks too much like Bozo the clown to me. I can’t think of anything else.)

  11. Runt82 says:

    3) Satan, tell our lucky contestant what Grand Prize is in bucket #6!

  12. DJ says:


    2. WHAT!?! The psycho clown with a gun position has already been filled?!?

    3. Why so ser-Wait thats not my line..

  13. BDWordsmith says:

    1. Don’t look at me like that! This is all they had in my size.

    2. Consider your answer carefully. Does this make me look fat?

    3.And remeber the clown-o-matic is only 25.99.

  14. HeroComplex says:

    1)oh this isn’t the clown meeting?, the Klan meeting you say?… whats the different realy?

    2)so realy?, WHY so serious

    3)top flower, boiling water, middle flower, burning acid, lower flower… you don’t wonna now

  15. frankie says:

    “My first request, is show some repect for my cousins of the art of mime.”

  16. HalLoweEn JacK says:

    1. Hey Matilda, Daddy’s back! and I brought you a present *hee hee hee*

    2. What’s that camera doing here?!? *ahem* My fellow Americans…

  17. frankie says:

    “The high council is very disappointed in you. This isn’t exactly what we had in mind when we spoke of world domination. Look at you, you’re a discrace to the Clownship. And…what the hell is Grimace anyways?”

  18. Ian says:

    1. Ledger, Shmedger…I got a gun!

    2. You want a balloon animal? I’ll make you a frickin’ balloon animal!

    3. Kha-a-a-a-an!!


  19. Danny Beaty says:

    Thanks Ashton.

  20. Bael says:

    Hey, You’re Chris Hansen, aren’t you?
    Oh, no. Nooooooo!

  21. Xstacy says:

    But, Ma, they’re all gonna laugh at me!

  22. failboat_x says:

    1.) Tch! And they said I didn’t deserve the ‘Certified Ass’ award!

    2.) What? All the spots are filled? Aw…I really wanted to play as Pip in Enchanted.

    3.) Frankie my dear, I don’t give a damn!

  23. EnderX says:


  24. JonnyDemon says:

    Hey kiddies pull my finger!

  25. JonnyDemon says:

    Go ahead punk, call me Ronald again.

  26. JonnyDemon says:

    Well,seltzer bottles are so passe,lets give the gun a try.

  27. Coyote says:

    1 No im not part of I.C.P

    2. whats this in my hand? cant tell kiddies the answers not not safe for tv come see me in person and ill show ya !

    3.Frankenfurter its all over ! you mission is a failure .
    im you new commander .you are now my prisoner !

  28. Rush25 says:

    1. What the hells in my hand !

    2. Ronald Mcdonald got fired, Im your new clown Psycho Mckill’em

    3.The traingle got on my head by a freak accident . . .damn kindergardeners

  29. Jimmy says:

    I’m going to replace Heath Ledger as the Joker if they make another movie.

  30. William A. Peterson says:

    “The Jedi Council said I didn’t take my responsibilities as a Padawan seriously enough! But, this new lightsaber design is going to KILL them!”

  31. Loki says:


  32. Ballin' Boy says:

    1 I’m the clown from “IT”. Welcome to my VH1 reality dating show.

    2 I have three tickle buttons

    3 Hi I’m Michael Jackson this isn’t makeup

  33. Jose Inoa says:

    1) …Cirque du Shut yer face or I SHOOT it off!

    2) (singing) Viiivaa, payaaasooo!

    3) Hell, you’ll laugh your ass off with a LASER ENEMA! Ha! That’s HILARIOUS!!!

  34. Aulianas Telus says:

    1) I warned you about the drugs!

    2) My mommy said it looked scary!

    3) Buy a Big Mac. NOW.

  35. EnderX says:

    “What? Do I have something in my teeth?”

  36. HalLoweEn JacK says:


  37. DJAdmiral says:

    1) Yes, I’m here for the After shots. And no, you do NOT want to see the Before.

    2) I’m going to make this a birthday you’ll never forget!

    3) If the ‘Registered Sex Offender’ sign on my lawn doesn’t keep them darn kids off, this look certainly will.