Mini colors

I'm continuing to work on the basic functionality and code for the series of HeroMachine Minis we'd like to do. One of the neat features -- not Earth-shattering or anything, just a fun little addition -- I've installed is a color guide:

Color palette

When you mouse over a color, the line of text at the upper right tells you what that color is named. It "sticks" as well, always showing you what the currently selected color is. This should be helpful for color-blind folks using the program, but I think it'll still be a nice little addition for everyone who's wondered "What the heck color is that, anyway?"

Most of the names are from Photoshop, so don't blame me if they seem silly!

On the coding side, the applet is turning out to be much easier to program and much tighter. It will hopefully be much easier to "skin" and change, allowing for faster updates and additions down the line. That's the hope, anyway. I've learned a lot about writing code in the past five years that I can implement in the new version to make it all work faster, better, and more easily. The next big challenge is the scaling control.