Mashup 11: The Great Escape

It's time once again for me to take one (and only one) panel from each of ten randomly selected comic books and try to make a story out of them. This week's bunch included "Rocky and Bullwinkle", which is always a challenge, so we'll see how it goes. I'm continuing the "serious" story attempts, and the panels selected include wild teenage parties, skeleton-wearing jungle hunters, slimy prisons, and using all our brains. So here goes!

At the secret, private jail of a society of criminal vigilantes located in remote Frostbite, Colorado, mastermind Reynaldo Marrs gathers his minions (including their young protegees) to lay down the law.

I’m a crook, it’s what I do. We don’t got no choice.

Criminals they are and, Marrs is certain, criminals they must stay, permanently.

We must think through! We must use our brains. Yes, all our brains!

The crisis that prompted Marrs to get the gang together for brainstorming is the news that The Punisher has heard about their teenaged super-hero jail, and is hunting them.

The man who is coming must be stopped at all costs.

Unknown to Marrs, at that very moment a rebellion is brewing downstairs in the prison's cells, where a number of teenaged super-powered heroes are being held captive.

Come on, guard, let my friends down.

The dim-witted and quick-to-anger guard, enraged at the insult, pulls out his pistol and fires, narrowly missing his target and hitting a vital power line leading to the prison's energy lab instead.

The energy banks are bursting!

The resulting explosion sends a massive fireball raging into the sky.

But as fate would have it, a passing reporter has seen the incredible incident and …

Quickly the footage makes it onto the national news.

This dramatic footage was taken at an unknown location somewhere in the city, within the private jail the gang call the House of Corrections.

With the location revealed, The Punisher acts swiftly, deciding the time has come to put away his investigative disguise.

And once again, I have to become a costumed hero to do it.

With the prison in disarray after the explosion, The Punisher easily fights his way to Marrs' office.

Give it up, Marrs. You played the most dangerous game, and you LOST. Take your punishment like a MAN!

The criminal mastermind disposed of in the only way The Punisher knows, releasing the imprisoned teenage heroes is the work of but a moment.

Party’s OVER. Go, you cyconic urchins. Go.

In one day The Punisher has gotten to put his costume on again, free some kids from jail, and shoot a guy -- it Miller Time!

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