HeroMachine 2.5 New Components!

I am pleased to announce that the full set of Expansion items comprising HeroMachine 2.5 is now complete and available on UGO.com, absolutely free! This release includes all of the bug fixes reported previously as well as 28 new component genres available for your use. I have copied over the most popular components into other slots so you can now have two items from the Coat component, or two from Undershirts, two Companions, etc. Here is the complete list of new component options:

  1. Overshirt-CoatStandard
  2. Overshirt-CapeFronts
  3. Overshirt-FantasyCommon
  4. Overshirt-FantasyArmor
  5. Overshirt-Shoulders
  6. Undershirt-CapeFronts
  7. Undershirt-FantasyArmor
  8. Undershirt-FantasyCommon
  9. Undershirt-Shoulders
  10. Overleggings-Leggings
  11. Overleggings-Pants
  12. Pants-Leggings
  13. Pants-Overleggings
  14. Leggings-Overleggings
  15. Leggings-Pants
  16. Wings-Back
  17. Tail-Back
  18. Tail-Wings
  19. Tail-Companion
  20. Tail-Background
  21. Back-Wings
  22. Back-Tail
  23. Back-Companion
  24. Wings-Companion
  25. Wings-Tail
  26. Coat-Shoulders
  27. Coat-Overshirt

Hopefully these new options will open up many effects that were previously impossible. If you see any bugs or screwy behavior, please let me know. After a week of this release being up and available for bug-checking, I'll bundle everything and make the final 2.5 Desktop Edition download available.

Many thanks to all of the folks commenting on this blog and on the HeroMachine Yahoo Group for helping to get this ironed out. And as always, I'd like to give a big shout-out to UGO, without whom none of this would have happened at all, and I'd still be slaving away in the data mines.

2 Responses to HeroMachine 2.5 New Components!

  1. Niall Mor says:

    Extreme coolness! I guess I’ve got to get to work creating some cool supers (heroes and villains). Then once I download HM 2.5 to my desktop, no one can stop me, and I will rule the world Mwah hah hah hah! 🙂 That’s an evil super villain laugh spelled phonetically in case you were wondering 🙂

  2. eddy says:

    Somebody should fix the page, the Nintendo DS advertisement is blocking all the important bottons. Please somebody fix it.