Female Dwarf expansion released!

I am happy to announce that the Expansion Pack items have now been added to the Female Dwarf figure! You can access the new items at the usual place.

The last remaining body template to be updated is the female Brick. After that, I'll need to clean up all the bugs, and hopefully duplicate some of the components into other slots. For instance, I'd like to make the Standard Coats available on the Overshirt and Undershirt layers, and vice versa, across the board.

And after that, I'll probably be done with HeroMachine 2 for the foreseeable future. We're in the midst right now of figuring out what's next; my guess is that we'll probably focus for a while on putting out much smaller, one-off versions like the Rock Star Edition and Real Life Edition. Think of things like a smaller HeroMachine with just one pose featuring exclusively Powered Armor, or Old West items, or Modern Teenager clothes, that kind of thing.

On the plus side, such releases can come out much more frequently. There are also business advantages, since such mini-applets are entirely self-contained and can be easily shared on other web sites, unlike the full 2.5 which spans hundreds of files and six subdirectories. On the down side, you'll be limited to just the items in that applet, so you'll have a situation where there might be items you'd love to see in the full version that just aren't available, and vice versa. It's almost like going back to the original HeroMachine 1, where if you chose the Martial Artist pose you couldn't have guns.

But, if there are specific items that people in general are clamoring to have in the full release, we can probably schedule another Expansion to include them.

Anyway, enjoy the female dwarf Expansion, and as always, please comment in the Bugs post if you come across anything weird.