Interest in Making Your Own HM Items?

I was wondering if there would be interest out there in making your own actual HeroMachine items, which would be Flash objects just like everything else -- colorable, selectable, and usable on any of the six bodies. The idea is that I would release the Flash source files (like m1-RightHand-Expansion1.fla for instance) and write up some instructions for how to create your own items. People would draw their own items and send me their versions of the source files, and I'd compile them up into further expansion pack releases for others to use.

The source file for the main engine, heromachine.fla, would not be released.

The thing is, you'd have to own Flash and know how to use it. The code on the item files is very simple, all you have to do basically is change the name of the item in three places and you're good to go. What I don't know is how many people would be interested in something like that, and then how many would follow through and actually do something.