Night Girl

Sometimes a good idea, a good costume design, and a good logo can all combine in an unexpected way to make something that is, if not exactly "bad", at least worthy of junior high jokes about boobies. Case in point, DC Comics' "Night Girl" from the "Legion of Super-Heroes":

Night Girl

I like her costume, I like her look, I like those killer pumps. I even like the "owl" logo on her chest. But as a man, I am genetically incapable of avoiding the following off-color joke, fully aware of how juvenile, sexist, and silly it makes me, and despite years of counter-conditioning from my wife, sisters, mother, and female friends:

"Does that owl logo's placement mean those are her 'hooters'?"

I'll be dragged off for flogging in the morning.

(Character and image ©DC Comics, Inc., "Who's who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe", Volume XVI, 1986.)