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    Why not? The hair looks good.



    Appreciate the suggestion.
    Here are my two entries into the Hair contest:

    Greta Holz’ Headshot
     photo Timedrop23-GretaHeadshot_zps1d436a09.png

    and I took some liberty with this “Headshot” by taking out the body because the hairstyle is so huge. I plan on making this a member of the Society in the near future, once I figure out a costume and story for her.
    Rapunzel Toren, Head and Hair Only
     photo Timedrop23-Rapunzel_zps1b8db488.png



    It’s taking me awhile to get through Greta’s Redwulf form, but in the meantime, I’ve submitted a few of my new character designs for the National Heroes contest.

    Japan: Nihonto (Sword)
     photo Timedrop23-Nihonto_zpsfa0096b1.png

    Egypt: Tempora
     photo Timedrop23-Tempora_zps57cd46db.png

    India: Tetra
     photo Timedrop23-Tetra_zps15060480.png

    Greece: Heather Stevens (Hearth/Hestia), who will get a new bio at some point down the road.
     photo Timedrop23-Hestia_zpsf55ef057.png

    and France: Six L’Orange (Sextant)
     photo Timedro23-SixLOrange_zps1bb503f3.png



    And here, finally, is Greta’s Redwulf transformation.
     photo Redwulf_zps1381d648.png
    Name: Redwulf
    Alias: Greta Holz
    Team Affiliations: Society of Foes, Power Suits
    Enemies: Frank Hallows, The B.R.I.D.E., Farrah O’Ren, The Coven of Iarann, Witches in general, and anyone else with Knavium-derived powers.
    Race: Lycandroid
    Birthplace: Berlin, Germany/HallowGen
    Powers/Abilities: P.A.T.C.H. power core (powered by Iarannian magical energies), Ferro-Knavium-infused body, Enhanced strength and reflexes, Energy claws.
    Bio: Greta Holz took a job at HallowGen as a member of the X-2 development team, using her position to illegally obtain the intel and technology she and her brother required to take vengeance upon the Coven of Iarann, one of whom accidentally killed their parents while testing out a new thermal weapon.
    When she was caught in the explosion that paralyzed Frank Hallows, Greta suffered a near-fatal heart injury and had to have her heart replaced with that of one of the witches her brother had killed. Greta survived the procedure, but woke up as a humanoid machine full of power she didn’t understand and a hunger for Iarannian hearts she couldn’t control.
    Days and weeks passed without incident, her hunger sated by daily consumption of the hearts of her enemies, not knowing that the more hearts she ate, the more magical energy she absorbed. One day at HallowGen, she unwittingly absorbed the X-2 parts she was working on, incorporating them into her body in much the same way that a Witch of Iarann is able to. That is how she became Redwulf for the first time.
    As Redwulf, she went on a rampage, forcing a tenuous, temporary alliance between Hans Holz, Frank Hallows, and Frank’s newest employee, Juto Abanme (a.k.a. Deus-X).
    Working together, they were able to get Greta’s Redwulf transformation under control. She no longer requires her “daily meal,” but even with Frank’s reluctant help, she has yet to discover a way to remove the X-2 technology from her body, a fact that she holds against Frank with a vengeance.
    She has also been enlisted in various schemes by enemies of Frank Hallows, including the Power Suits and The B.R.I.D.E. (whom she now considers an enemy), but the path to her–and her brother’s–true objective lies with the Society of Foes, a group devoted to the complete extermination of all the elemental covens.

    I now have a decent costume concept for my Rapunzel character, and will begin work on Hans Holz very soon.



    Very cool!



    Thanks, Trekkie



    After much non-forum-ness and stuff, I can now post Greta’s twin brother, Hans Holz, who is equal parts Tin Woodsman, Huntsman (as in Snow White), and Hansel.

    Name: The Huntsman
    Alias: Hans Holz
    Team Affiliations: Society of Foes
    Enemies: Farrah O’Ren, The Coven of Iarann, Witches in general, and anyone else with Knavium-derived powers.
    Race: Human
    Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
    Powers/Abilities: Skilled heart surgeon, Access to HallowGen and Iarannian technology, Enhanced strength and reflexes, Cybernetic suit that is immune to Iarannian technomancy. Twin energy axes that can cut through almost anything.
    Bio: When he was a child, Hans Holz and his sister, Greta, lost their parents to a member of the Coven of Iarann during a weapons test gone awry. Hans sought vengeance against the Coven, and Greta was a willing participant.
    As the world’s most prestigious heart surgeon, Hans forged beneficial black market relationships with foreign criminal organizations such as the Milieu and Yakuza, which, along with his sister’s key position as an employee at HallowGen, led to his amassing a formidable arsenal of high-tech weaponry which he uses to hunt down witches (especially members of the Coven of Iarann). His weapon of choice is a cybernetic suit of armor that has been programmed and warded against Iarannian influence, and in a twist of irony, he wields a pair of energy axes which he had scaled down from those used by Iarann’s TWM mechs. His axes can cut through almost anything, and have been encoded with the same programming and spells as his suit. He does however employ smaller weapons when engaged in his favorite activity: removing the hearts of Iarannian witches, which he keeps as trophies or trades to his criminal associates in exchange for use of their vast resources.
    A tragic course of events led Hans to implant his sister with the heart of a recently slain Iarannian witch, ultimately transforming her into a thing she greatly despises, and forcing him to align with Frank Hallows in order to subdue Greta’s rampaging new form.
    He and Greta have since joined the Society of Foes, an organization of powerful individuals bent on the total genocide of the Elemental covens. But his sister’s condition and other recent events have led Hans to question their chosen path.
    Note: The name “Holz” is the German word for “Wood.”


    Mad Jack

    Note: The name “Holz” is the German word for “Wood.”

    Well, sorry in advance for me being a smartass, but since German is a more “complicated” language than english, I feel the compulsion to give some private tutoring. 😉

    I’d say finding the right German word for wood depends on how you use the word “wood”. If it is in sense of “small forest” wood would mean “Wald” in German and in sense of firewood or timber “Holz” is the right term. But when used as part of the profession Woodsman it’d be either “Waldarbeiter” (lumberjack) or “Förster” (forester). And as chance would have it “Förster” is a pretty common last name in Germany. 😀

    Hope I could help… ^^



    Thanks, smartass 😉

    I was going for the firewood/timber impression. Although Google translator didn’t provide me with any of the other translations or the specific context of their use, I still prefer Holz as a last name because it is more commanding than “Hans Waldarbeiter” and more exotic-sounding than “Hans Forster” (apologies, but I don’t know how to do that dot thingy with the vowels), plus “Hans Holz” has that alliterative quality (eg: Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, the Frightful Four) you so often find in the comics of yore.



    I’ve been wanting to do a surfer-pose character for awhile, and now I get the chance! Based off of Glinda (Good Witch of the North in the movie, Good Witch of the South in the books), here’s Linda Norgood, Elemental Witch of Water.

    Name: Hidrea
    Alias: Linda Norgood
    Team Affiliations: Coven of Tonnta, Atlantis (Irish/Atlantean dual citizenship)
    Enemies: Theodora Kindle, Coven of Lasair, Society of Foes
    Race: Human/Atlantean
    Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
    Powers/Abilities: Skilled surfer and deep-sea diver, well-versed in Tonntan magics (Hydrokinesis)
    Bio: Linda Norgood’s father was a high-ranking member of the IRA’s naval forces, and the only male child born into the Coven of Tonnta at the time. Although he exhibited no talent for Tonntan magic (an ability found only in women of the Tonnta bloodline), Timothy Norgood carried a genetic abnormality that converts all of the water in the human body into Knavium-Hydrate (that’s water, molecularly bonded with Knavium). This genetic mutation endowed him with above-average human abilities that ultimately helped him to achieve his superior naval rank.
    Linda’s mother was an Atlantean princess named Locasta, who came to the surface on a mission of peace to the Irish coast. The two met while Timothy was on shore leave and a romance developed.
    Timothy Norgood was eventually killed in action, and Locasta (now a widow) left Atlantis temporarily to raise her daughter on the shores of Ireland.
    A tenuous peace existed for many years between the Republic and the Southern Kingdom, until Jocasta (the interim queen of Atlantis, Locasta’s twin sister, and Linda’s aunt) hired Theodora Kindle to assassinate Locasta. Linda took up the cause her father had died for, rallying the remaining members of the IRA to aid in her mission of revenge against the mercenary fire witch, and war broke out anew on the emerald isle.
    Despite her vengeful nature, Linda’s favorite color is pink. As such, that is the color her magic manifests in. Linda Norgood possesses the ability to surround any nearby water molecules in a pink energy and form them into whatever shape she desires. This is usually a bubble or a surfboard. She can also summon waves or concentrate the energized water into a projectile blast. While in the bubble, she is able to breathe under water and shield herself from most conventional ammunition.
    Note: I used two Irish words for the coven names. Lasair has to do with fire (flames), and Tonnta is something to do with waves. Her code name, Hidrea, is the Irish prefix hydro-.



    I really like that pose. Nice work.



    Another Elemental Witch for you today, and a little change of pace. The last few Elemental characters were fairy tale/literature-inspired, and displayed some use of magical energy. None of that applies to today’s character. Meet Destinee la Mort, Elemental Witch of Fate and member of the Hit Squad.

     photo DestineeLaMort_zps09d20dee.png
    Name: Death Rose
    Alias: Destinee la Mort
    Team Affiliations: Coven du Sort, le Milieu, The Hit Squad
    Enemies: Lady Luck (I), Fifth Hour, Sextant, Coven of Adh
    Race: Human
    Birthplace: Derry, Ireland
    Powers/Abilities: Manipulation of probability and chance, Expert marksmanship, can predict (and sometimes cause or prevent) any person’s impending death, including her own.
    Bio: The Coven of Adh, a group of Elemental Witches born with an unknown Knavium compound in their blood (presumably related to the substance that gives Temporal Witches their abilities) that makes them sensitive to the mechanism of quantum probability. Usually, the Witches of Adh prefer to save lives with their power and bring prosperity to those around them by using chance to their advantage. In her time, Brenda Suerte was such a Witch, although she didn’t know it yet.
    But every so often, someone is born to the Coven with darker ambitions. Raised by her French parents (one of whom was descended from the Coven bloodline), Destinee la Mort inherited that quantum knowledge and was sent to train under the Adh Witches and learn mastery of her gift. But when she came of age, something in her changed and she became sensitive not to the prosperity and whimsy of chance, but to the dark and inevitable nature of fate. Her ability to foresee, prevent, and cause “random” deaths soon made her an outcast to the Coven, and she was forced to flee to France, where she happened upon the Coven du Sort, a local faction of exiled Fate sympathizers whom she would later rally in a revenge campaign against their former coven.
    Following the war, Destinee put her combat skills to use as a member of the Hit Squad, under the codename “Death Rose,” and become a highly paid assassin for the Milieu crime syndicate. She is perpetually at odds with Lady Luck (a.k.a. Brenda Suerte).



    I really like that pose. Nice work.

    Entered Hidrea into the Girls contest.

    Thanks, (A)Angel



    Really love the shading on la Morte.



    Really love the shading on la Morte.

    Thanks again, Stulte.

    Something a little different today story-wise. My latest entry into the Elemental Witch series isn’t a witch. She doesn’t belong to a coven. She technically isn’t even human. But I’m still calling her the Elemental Witch of Darkness. Based on Joan of Arc, here’s the immortal (literally…almost) Jeanine van Dark.

     photo JeaninevanDark_zpsb5ebefe2.png

    Name: Jeanine van Dark
    Known Aliases: Joan of Arc, Jeanne d’Arc, The Maid of Orleans, Jane Metzer, Jenna Orlan, Jenny Lux
    Team Affiliations: French Army (1429-1430), Coven of Loinnir, The Enforcers, The Bodak Corps (currently active)
    Enemies: Serene Deargad, Coven of Loinnir, Dracula, Shadow King, Black Marble, le Milieu, Yakuza
    Race: Unknown Humanoid
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Powers/Abilities: Immortality (possibly through rebirth), Shapeshifting, Power over shadows and darkness, Psychic communication with other darkness elementals, Resistance to control by other darkness elementals, Skilled swordswoman and hand-to-hand combatant.
    Bio: The woman currently known as Jeanine van Dark was created to be a living weapon, a biological prototype for what would eventually become the bracelet technology now used by the Bodak Corps. As a test run, she was stripped of the memory of her origin and sent to 1400’s France in human form, where she grew into the warrior whom history remembers as Joan of Arc. As she famously led the French military, “Joan” heard voices that advised her in her conquests. Raised as she was by a religious family, she believed these orders came from the mouth of God. As it turned out, this was just her Darkness abilities manifesting, allowing her to receive communications from the Shadow King, who hoped to manipulate her into bringing him a worthy army with which to conquer our world as his own.
    But members of the Coven of Loinnir (witches of light) serving as advisors to the Burgundian government caught on to the Shadow King’s plot and had “Joan” captured, tried, and burned at the stake.
    She would be reborn several times throughout history, eventually coming to blows with Dracula (a battle that would also introduce her to Tempora, the time witch) and making her way to modern times, where she would join the ongoing Wiccan war, infiltrating and systematically dismantling the Coven of Loinnir under the alias “Jenny Lux.” She later joined the Enforcers as an active consultant, fighting the likes of Destinee la Mort and Sukoshi Kurosutsu, and secretly investigating the deaths of the five L’Orange sisters. Her alliance with Tempora would resume after the war, when she helped the members of Clockwork defeat Dracula and the Shadow King. Now she serves as a member of the Bodak Corps, still unaware of her origins as their precursor. But that could change at any time….

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