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    Thanks, Trekkie. You said that Electro is in the same universe as Blaze and Bolt, but I saw great contrast between her and The Shadow. For Blaze and Bolt, I pictured them as local actresses not superheroes. A couple of community playhouse workers whose alter egos help them make ends meet. There is still room for them to be involved somehow with Electro. Maybe as fangirls.

    I realize that I misspelled “foreshadowing.” It was unintentional, but “For Shadowing” seems to work. Anyway… I’m always open to continue characters. That’s why I try to leave certain stories open-ended. With Electro and The Shadow, the plot does thicken.



    Your usual excellent, high standard work. I would love to read of these characters, too!


    Allow me to start by apologizing for the lack of activity recently. First, the technical issue with my new laptop. The mousepad is junk and I haven’t been able to get a simple USB mouse to work with it. Chloe Cat is scared of gremlins. Not only has this cut into my HeroMachine time (writing and design challenges), it has really fouled my mood. I’ve been popping in from work. Kind of “browse-by” comments now and then.

    Second, I am really stuck with Linea’s story. I had a dream last night that has absolutely nothing to do with the fairies, but… well, maybe. Third, we’re still trying to destroy the merc foothold on Scarborough. What should have been a decisive advance is turning into a stalemate. Lastly, overall, I have not been feeling well. It’s too early for winter.


    If you want, I can give you some of the background behind my picture since you’re having trouble with it.

    Xevina, the drakan, had flown into fairy territory, and the fairy, Merti, being on guard duty, had to drive Xevina out. But due to the hatred toward drakans that most fairies have, Merti was a little too violent in performing her duty.


    Thanks, Linea. I have a few concepts, just have been too busy to develop them into a story or narrative. Frown


    You’re welcome. Just thought I would help. Speaking of which, I’ll make sure to add a small blurb with future characters.


    No need for a blurb unless you want a specific direction. Whatever character names that you want will go in the story.

    Again, not so much a lack of story ideas. Just been really out of sorts and drained. I made a doctor’s appointment for a physical. Might make one for a head check, too. Confused


    Original Characters by Linea24; Story by The Atomic Punk

    “Excuse me, but who are you? What are you doing in my forest?”

    “My name is Xevina. You summoned me here.”

    “I did no such thing! Why would I beckon a creature such as you?”

    “Yes, quite the mystery, Merti.”

    “Was that sarcasm? How do you know my name?”

    “You spoke the incantation: ‘I call for the Purification of these woods. Now is the time for Rebirth and Renewal. I, Merti, command it.’ Being of the Flame, I am here to serve.”

    “A grotesque green demon is my servant? Me? Being of the Light, my power drawn from the sky. Gaze upon my beauty. It is natural to be in such awe that you obey. Yet, you disgust me. My only command is that you go away.”

    “With respect, lovely Merti, we are both of the Light and the Flame. Your Aura is of Lightning pulled from the clouds. A flash of white light and burst of intense heat. My Aura is of Fire kindled by the trees of this forest. A small ember glow that grows into a raging inferno.”

    “We are not equals! I am the key that frees you from your prison. I am the compass that leads you.”

    “An errant torch or a castaway match can be a key. If left unattended, I can leap from a campfire as if it were a prison door unlocked. Once free, I follow my own path lest the Winds dictate otherwise. However, my caste is bound to your service, Merti.”

    “Good, you understand. I am the whip that keeps you in your place, Xevina! Do my bidding. Purge and cleanse this woodland!”



    I feel there is more to The Forest Fire. Atomic, when I first posted this pic, you said it had a Star Trek commander vibe to it. This might be a bit unfair, getting you to give me a multi-verse Amy story, but after looking at this again, I thought that might be a fun direction. So if not exactly Amy Atom in the Star Trek universe, put her in a generic space opera type setting. You can play it straight and serious or campy and lampoonish. As always, it’s up to you. And if you don’t feel like the another Amy story, I’ve included another something I did a while ago, with no story idea at all. Pick one or both!Laugh purple-amy.pngCYBERTAUR.png


    I read the story you wrote for Xevina and Merti, and now I have a feeling you really like these two, don’t you?


    @linea24 said:

    I read the story you wrote for Xevina and Merti, and now I have a feeling you really like these two, don’t you?

    Yes, I enjoy stories of fairyfolk. I just don’t like them living in my house and messing with my computer. Yell


    If you want, you can do The Teal and White Water Bowl.


    Thanks, Linea!

    I feel like I’m making excuses at this point. But, I’ve been swamped at work then I come home to a laptop that is barely functional. Also stressed over the upcoming results of my physical.

    Happy Thanksgiving! For those whom today is not a holiday, have a great day!

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