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Geek Quiz ♯5: Spider-Man Edition

Happy New Year everyone! And to kick off the new year, I’ve decided that we’re going to be focusing on my favourite superhero, Spider-Man, in this weeks quiz, because reasons ;) . So everyone had better have brushed up on their wall-crawler facts. As per usual, please don’t post answers in the comments, only your scores and stuff pertaining to your scores, but no answers please. And also as usual, the answers will be below the jump from the blog main page, so it would be advisable to view the quiz from the main page so you don’t get spoiled. Face front true-believers.

1. In which comic did Spider-Man first appear? (1 point)

Bonus Point: Which issue was it? (1 point)

2. Who was the original artist for Spider-Man? (1 point)

Bonus Point: Who drew the cover for his first appearance? (1 point)

3. Who appeared first in the comics, Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson? (1 point)

4. Name the original line up of the Sinister Six (1 point per member, 6 points)

5. What inspired Stan Lee to give a superhero spider based powers? (1 point)

6. Who was Spider-Man fighting in the battle that resulted in the death of Captain George Stacy, father of Gwen? (1 Point)

7. What identities (both secret and super-hero) did Spider-Man’s clone take during the Clone Saga? (1 Point)

Bonus Point: When did the Spider-Man clone first appear? (Either year & month or issue number) (1 Point)

8. Spider-Man and Superman have met twice in official comic book crossovers. When did these take place? (1 point each, 2 points)

9. When Peter Parker married Mary Jane Watson in 1987, it didn’t just happen in the comics, or the Spider-Man newspaper strip, Marvel also held a live action wedding using actors to mark the occasion. At which famous former New York location was the “ceremony” held? (1 point)

10. How long was it between the debut of the Green Goblin and his secret identity being Norman Osbourne being revealed? (1 Point)

Bonus Point: How long was it between the debut of the Hobgoblin and his secret identity being revealed? (1 point)

Bonus Question: What was the most stupid thing Marvel have ever done to Spider-Man? (No Points)

Answers below the jump.

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Merry Christmas

Have a cute Groot.

(Original art by kevinbolk on deviantart- zelda).

Geek Quiz ♯4: Quizmas Edition


A slightly shrunk down version of the quiz this week, as I’m sure everyone has something better to do. This week you’ve got 10 questions with 10 points to get, so no real brain melters unfortunately, though I do still manage to be a bit mean. And to make it a bit more festive, they all have some sort of wintery theme. As per usual, please don’t post answers in the comments, only your scores and stuff pertaining to your scores, but no answers please. And also as usual, the answers will be below the jump from the blog main page, so it would be advisable to view the quiz from the main page so you don’t get spoiled.

1 Point per correct answer

1- In Batman: The Long Halloween, which villain stars in the Christmas issue?

2- What is the only move that the Pokemon Delibird learns by level-up?

3- What event during the Tri-Wizard tournament happens over Christmas in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?

4- Name the villains from the first of the annual Doctor Who Christmas specials, since the series relaunch in 2005.

5- What sweets does the White Witch offer to Edmund Pevensie when they first meet in C.S Lewis’ masterpiece; The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe?

6- What creature attacks Luke Skywalker and kills his Tauntaun on the planet Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back?

7- What is the correct title of the Dr. Seuss book that the classic Jim Carrey Christmas film from the year 2000 was based on?

8- What is the real name of classic Flash villain, Captain Cold?

9- Name the Ice-Make wizard from the anime series Fairy Tail.

10- What is the winter festival in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic called?

Answers apres le jump

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Creators Club 2015 Volunteers?

I just thought I’d throw this one out there, just so everyone is prepared. When January comes around, I’ll be looking to get another Creators Club poster organised.

For those of you who aren’t in the know, the Creators Club poster is a community project where one of the members of the community (previously myself, Atomic Punk and Hammerknight) have come up with a theme for everyone to follow (Men In Black, Chibi’s and Westerns), and then people create a self-portrait of themselves fitting to that theme. All of the self-portraits are then sent to the organiser, who then puts them all together in one big poster that showcases the community that year. It’s not a challenge, it’s just a bit of fun, you don’t have to be a Power User to participate, you just have to use the site and follow the submission rules for the poster.

Now why am I telling you this when it obviously isn’t January yet? Well, as I said, each of the previous Creators Club posters (apart from the 1st and 2nd ones, which were both done by HK) have been done by different people, and I was hoping we could continue that trend. So, if you want to volunteer to come up with a theme and put the poster together, this would be the place to do it. You will have to have people email you their entries, rather than having them posted on the blog, because the final product is meant to be a surprise for everyone else involved, so it would be better if people couldn’t see what everyone else has done until the poster is ready to be shown. You wouldn’t have to put the whole poster together in Heromachine, you can use photoshop or paint or similar to do that, but obviously all of the entries will be 100% Heromachine.

If no-one is interested in doing it, then I do have a few ideas myself that can work, so we can have a poster, but it would be more fitting for a community project to be organised by a community member, rather than one of the mods (again). If you’re interested, comment below saying you’re interested and send me an email at saying what your theme idea is. I won’t be deciding on which person and theme to go with until the new year, so you have time to think of a totally awesome theme.

Anyway, hope you guys have some awesome ideas for me.

JR out.

Geek Quiz ♯3

Ok, time for our next Quiz. As usual, 10 questions. You answer a question right, you get a point. 20 points are available and the person with the most points wins. The answers will be below a page break, so I’d advise viewing this post through the blog front page so as you don’t get spoiler when you view the later questions. And please refrain from posting answers in the comments. Anyway, lets get on with it.

1- What does Kamehameha translate into English as? (1 Point)

2- Which of these characters does not originate from the Street Fighter games series? (1 Point)

a)- Chun-Li

b)- Ryu

c)- Felicia

d)- Sagat

3- What is the name of the cocktail invented by Zaphod Beeblebrox that is described as “like having your brain smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick”? (1 Point)

4- Which of these TV shows has John de Lancie not guest starred in an episode of? (1 Point)

a) Breaking Bad

b) The West Wing

c) Torchwood

d) Star Trek: Enterprise

5- In Pre-Crisis On Infinite Earths continuity, Legion Of Superheroes foe Nemesis Kid only suffered three defeats in single combat, twice to the same opponent. Who were the Legionnaires who defeated him? (2 Points)

Bonus Point- What planet does Nemesis Kid originate from? (1 Point)

6- What is the Elvish word for friend? (1 Point)

7- Name the 6 gems that make up the Infinity Guantlet. (1 Point each= 6 Points)

8- What was the name of the British anthology comic series that V For Vendetta originally appeared in between 1982 and 1985? (1 Point)

9- Which of these Simon Pegg/ Nick Frost films was Edgar Wright not director for? (1 Point)

a) Shaun Of The Dead

b) Hot Fuzz

c) Paul

d) World’s End

10- Name the animes from which these characters originate from? (1 point each- 4 Points)

a) Roy Mustang

b) Death The Kid

c) L Lawliet

d) Mikasa Ackerman

Answers below the jump, so no peaking.

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Caption Contest Delayed

I had a last minute family outing to attend today and thus did not get around to judging or selecting a new image for this round of caption contest posts so I will get that done for you all some time tomorrow.

There’s No Place Like Chrome For The Holidays

While this has nothing really to do with superheroes, the pieces have a very cool Transformer/mech vibe. Also inspires us all to think outside the box.

Happy Holidays all!

Geek Quiz ♯2

Ok, time for the next Quiz. As with last week, 10 questions. You answer a question right, you get a point. Person with the most points wins. The answers will be below a page break, so I’d advise viewing this post through the blog front page so as you don’t get spoiler when you view the later questions. And please refrain from posting answers in the comments. Anyway, lets get on with it.

1. What is Stan Lee’s real name (1 Point)

2. Name the main character in Neil Gaiman’s masterpiece American Gods. (1 point)

3.In the Harry Potter books, where does Dumbledore’s pet phoenix get his name from? (1 Point)

4. Tom Baker is famous as the longest serving Doctor in Doctor Who history. But what was the name of his first full serial as the Doctor? (1 Point) [not including his first, post-regeneration, appearance]

5. Name the Sith Lord who trained Emperor Palpatine/ Darth Sideous. (1 Point)

6. Name the character who takes the role of the Twilight Princess in the Legend Of Zelda game of the same name. (1 Point)

7. Which of these 4 legendary Pokemon from the Hoenn region has not featured in one of the Pokemon movies? (1 Point)

a) Kyogre

b) Groudon

c) Rayquaza

d) Deoxys

8. What is Captain Jean Luc Picard’s birthday? [year as well please] (1 point)

9. The Watchmen was originally meant to star the superheroes of the defunct Charlton comics brand, but this plan was changed when DC decided to use the characters in its mainstream universe. Name the Charlton heroes originally intended to feature. (1 point for each character, 6 characters in total- Rorshach, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, Doctor Manhatten, Ozymandias, The Comedian)

10. Name the 5 Istari (wizards) of Middle- Earth in J.R.R Tolkien’s works. (1 point each, +1 bonus point if you get all 5) [You may give Elvish names if nessescary]

Answers after the jump, so no peaking.

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Character Building Delayed

Sorry about this guys. I haven’t actually had a chance to record it yet. Usually I’d try to get the episode recorded on Sunday when I’m not doing anything and then I’d edit it all together and pre-post it on Monday, ready for Tuesday. But this Sunday my family were putting up our Christmas decorations, so I was busy for most of the day and when I wasn’t it was still too noisy for me to record my audio decently because Xmas decorating round my house makes a loooooooooot of mess. Then yesterday I was at work and when I got back I had other things to sort out, what with it being my Mums birthday tomorrow. So yeah, long story short, I’m going to record the episode when I get back tonight (when this is posted I’ll be at work) and depending on what else happens today, I’ll try to get it edited and uploaded for you today, but it will be up much later than usual, afternoon sometime. But it might end up being delayed until tomorrow. Sorry ’bout that.

Geek Quiz ♯1

So, I’m gonna try something different this week. I can’t think of any decent questions for the Big Question, so instead I’m going to bring one of my old forum topics over to replace it (ironic really, as the Big Question started out as a forum topic as well).

The idea is simple, there’s ten questions on a variety of “geeky” subjects, ranging from Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comics, Movies, TV, Anime and Games. The person with the most correct answers wins, probably a no-prize, in true Marvel style. If you guys like this idea then I will try to keep it going as the Thursday blog post (it’s something different). Anyway, without further ado, lets jump in.

1. Name the original line up of the Justice Society as they appeared in All Star Comics ♯3 Winter 1940? (1 Point per member= 8 Points)

2. How many TV episodes of Doctor Who have the Zygons appeared in? (1 Point)

3. Which of these anime series didn’t have its origin in a manga published in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine? (1 Point)

a) Naruto

b) One Piece

c) Fairy Tail

d) Bleach

4. In what century is Star Trek: The Original Series set in? (1 Point)

5. How many episodes of Firefly aired in its original run? (1 Point)

6. Who was the first member of the Brotherhood of Mutants encountered by the X-Men (excluding Magneto)? (1 Point)

7. Name the actress set to play Wonder Woman in the up-coming Batman vs. Superman film. (1 Point)

8. Who was the composer responsible for the score of the Star Wars movies? (2 Points)

9. What is the opening line of J.R.R Tolkiens book The Hobbit (1 Point)

Bonus Point: Which Dwarf arrives at Bilbo’s home first? (1 Point)

10. In which game did Mario first appear in? (1 Point)

Bonus Point: What name was he given in said game? (1 Point)

Answers below the jump. No peaking now, that would be cheating.

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