VOTING begins!!! Challenge #527 – A new hope!

Hey gang!

As per David (djuby), the voting for the Wolverine-pose can now begin.

Please follow the following instructions...

• Challenges will start weekly on Sunday at 1pm Eastern
• Challenges will close on Saturday of the same week at 6pm
• After the challenge closes members will vote for a top 3.
• You must assign first, second and third place
• If you vote an entry as First it will receive ten points; a second place finish gets 7 points; third place gets three
• The winner each week will receive my version of their entry rendered using HeroMachine 3
• You cannot vote for your own entry
• Voting must be completed by 11am Sunday.
• The winner each week will choose the topic of the next challenge, and cannot enter the challenge .Simply email me your
challenge topic to by 12:30 pm on Sunday.
• Perhaps most importantly, this means that I can enter CDCs again


Good luck all entries!