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Cosplay Done Right!


Kaldath’s Caption Contest #68: Results

Due to the low turn out for last weeks caption contest I am just going to make this a quick post and name the winner, which is ………….


Katmir Stone 

 “Hurry up, Lois! Supes just challenged Darkseid to a dance-off!”

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canuck Machiners!


Happy Birthday to the land of butter tarts, peameal bacon, beaver tails and poutine!

Pop Quiz Winner

So this is a bad situation to be in; I would rather have two hundred entries and have to pick a winner, than to have only two options. Basically because one person will win and the other will not. (The Canadian in me has trouble using the word l-l-l-lose!)

Anyway here we go…


First we have Worf’s “super” take on the character; awesome colour blocking…


…and then another JLA take on the brief by Keric. Great idea and also very well realized.

So here is the part that makes me feel like a dick. (Although calling it a tie would make me feel more like a dick.)

This week’s winner is….Worf. Great job and congratulations.

Caption Contest Results Postponed

Hey Folks, I am sorry I am not going to be judging the Caption contest today and will try and get it done tomorrow morning, I have been in a sort of insomniac haze today. I am tired but can’t sleep and really need to get a few hours in before I go to work tonight. If by some chance I can’t get to the Judging until next week I will put up both the results and a new contest. Once again sorry for the delay.

Just a Little Excited…

Doing my first on set call for Suicide Squad tonight. Outfitting the masses!

DC – Legends of Tomorrow – Coming this fall

Kaldath’s Corner: SuperGirl on the Small Screen

Saw this today on twitter and thought I would share it with you fine folks. CBS has posted this on their Youtube page and I think it looks like a great show from what can been seen here!


No Gallery Grabs This Week

Sorry guys, I was too busy to do it yesterday and by the time I’d finished everything I was too tired to do the post. Can’t do it at the moment because I’m at work and the work guest WiFi is terrible and lags out if you have more than one tab open at a time so that rules out writing the post, looking at a gallery and inserting pictures into the post (and I can’t use employee internet connection because this isn’t work related). So yeah, it’ll be back next week hopefully if this things aren’t as hectic.

In the mean time, why don’t you guys use the comments below to leave suggestions on which galleries we should be visiting in the future.

JR out.

Will Smith as Deadshot in Suicide Squad