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Share Day #H6

Time to share. What is your favorite Super Hero/Villain costume ever? Tell us what you like the most about it. Tell us why you believe it is the best.

I would have to say that the old blue and gray Batman costume with the black on yellow symbol would be mine. The yellow belt was alright too, but I must say that I do like the military style of belt better,  because it is more realistic then the little tubes. I just don’t think you could fit everything in those tubes, even if the stuff is designed to be compact. In the military, as a carpenter, and as a prison guard, I had to try to fit everything I needed into belts and it is not all that easy. The blue and gray costume said more about Batman to me, it did not give him the darker soul that the black one does. Yes he wants to scare the bad guys, but he also need to let the people he is helping know that he is there to help them and not hurt them. I believe that in the movie “Year One” some of that is covered. I also think he had a tighter grip on his life in the blue and gray costume. The black one takes away that grip and doesn’t let him touch base with reality.

So let’s hear what you have to say.

Share Day #H5

Today will be an open share day, so almost anything goes. Let’s here what you have to say.

Share Day #H4

For today’s share day I would like to set a topic. What Comic Book Hero did you want to be when you were a kid and why?

There was more than just one for me.  Three easily come to mind, Batman, Green Arrow, and SGT. Rock.

1st.- Batman, what kid didn’t want to be Batman? Here was this guy that had the money to buy and do anything that he wanted to, but he decided to fight crime instead. I wouldn’t say we were dirt poor, but we were pretty dang close, so seeing someone with money wanting to help out was really cool. All of his weapons were not that too far fetched, and as a kid you can believe I tried to make a lot of them. He had the coolest car and other vehicles out there, heck I still would love to take a ride in the Bat Mobile. Then you had the pretty girls that hung around him. What little boy didn’t have a crush on Bat Girl or Catwoman?

2nd.- Green Arrow, a lot of the same reasons I liked Batman for are the same for Green Arrow. But, he had a bow! Anytime I had a chance to make and shoot a bow you can sure enough bet I was doing so. One of my best presents ever as a kid was my J.C. Penny’s practice bow that my mom gave me. And I can say that she never regreted it one bit, it got me outside and out of her hair. Yes I was very safe using it to. I even tried to make some of GA’s trick arrows, most of which didn’t work for me like they did for him.

3rd.- SGT. Rock, he was a great soldier fighting for his country, this was something that I knew I could grow up to be. The very first SGT. Rock cover I saw, wow I had to get that book. Here he was surrounded by the enemy and all he had to fight them with was an ammo belt from a machine gun, and he was kicking butt. When I was of age I did join the military and I made my way up in rank. I was proud to be able to serve my country, and I am still proud of my service and my country.

Okay, enough from me lets hear from you.

What do you think?

I came across a good topic last night for share day.  J.J. Abrams could be the director of the new Star Wars films by Disney. Can he do both Star Wars and Star Trek? He is a very good director and I think he can pull it off, but some people are asking the question. That is in the same realm as actors playing more then one comic book character. It has been done, not always on a good note but it has been done. I would love to talk to him about an idea that I have had for years, it deals with a cross over of the three great “Stars”, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica . I would love to see that one hit the big screen, but back to the question at hand. What do you think, can he pull it off? Some rumors are that the new Star Wars will start with an older Luke running a Jedi Academy, and others say that it will be a complete new set of characters. I forgot the name of the book I read a long time ago, but it was about Han and Leia’s twin’s adventures when they were at the academy. That would be a cool way to go. Let us know what you think.

Sunday Share Day #H3

Sunday Share Day is open topic, Use it to share your art, for open critique, to ask for help, share ideas, or just anything that comes to mind.

Sunday Share Day #H2

For this share day I think it would be nice if we all shared Christmas and other holiday stories. This is truly a wonderful time of year so please share with us.

Isia and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Sunday Share Day #H1

Take yourself back to when you were a young kid. Remember the old TV shows and cartoons you would watch. Today would be a real good day to share them with us.

For me it was, reruns of TV shows like Batman, and Wonder Woman, and cartoons like Scooby Do and the Super Friends. World War Two movies and shows like the Rat Patrol. Sci-fi shows like Buck Rogers and old John Wayne movies and other westerns. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s back when cartoons were cartoons, filled with wonder and enjoyment.

Let’s hear from You.

Let’s hear from you.  What kind of topics would you like to see?


Sharing Day: You Did It!

I’d like you to take a moment to post a comment telling us something you’re proud of, an achievement or project you’ve accomplished that you think is cool. Maybe it’s your blog, or a book you’ve written, or a particularly great illustration, or that you lost fifty pounds, or a volunteer organization you help out with, or the deck you built, or a photo of an awesome cap you knitted. Just anything that shows off your interests in a great way and that you want to share with the community.

Imagine it’s like we’re going around the room and you’re asked to introduce yourself by saying “Hi, I’m Jeff, and I _______.” So I’d probably say “Hi, I’m Jeff, and I built a web site that lets people make their own super hero drawings at”. I want to give you a chance to brag on yourself a little and to point the rest of us at something you’ve done or been involved with that you think is great. Or even pretty good. Or even just mildly interesting.

Lay it on us, String Bean!

Sharing Day: Your Feedback

For today’s Sharing Day, I would like to ask you to sound off about three things:

  • Your overall opinion about the blog portion of the site — are there things you enjoy, things you hate, things you want to see done differently? Basically anything you want to say about the non-app part of what we do here.
  • Your opinion about comic-book reviews McKnight57 has been posting. Are you interested in what’s currently being published in the comics world or are you indifferent?
  • What is your favorite Seinfeld moment?

If you respond to all three, you can request a One Minute Sketch of whatever you like, and I’ll do a sketch in one minute or less of it and post it as a comment.

Ready, set, SOUND OFF!