Thrusts of Justice

The Final Thrusts

When last we left our alien-suited Cosmic Guardian, we were deciding whether to give our suit to Dale the Purple Mucus or to try and take out the planet-destroying Second Tower in Space ourselves. By a narrow three vote margin (!), we opted for the latter. And thus:

Chip on our shoulder or Dale in our pants?

When last we left our Thrust of Justice (that sounds awful), we were deciding whether to follow Dale’s plan on attacking the super cockroach duplicate guy or not. We opted to go with it, and thus:

Warehouse? There! There house!

When last we left our Cosmic Guardian, we were considering which of two targets to take, a warehouse with five life forms or a yacht in the harbor with just one. Feeling muy macho, we opted for the warehouse, hoping it’s five henchmen and not the Legion of Doom. So, yeah, about that …

Twenty five or Six Two Four. Or One. Five. Whatever.

The HeroMachine Justice Crusader and Teetotaler Society has chosen to forego the allure of the bottle and a hearty party with our slime-covered super buddy in favor of trying to actually fight crime. It’s an outrage! Or entirely appropriate, I can’t decide which. Regardless, off we go into the wild blue yonder! If this was… [ Read more … ]

How best to tie one on?

Shockingly, in our guise as the Cosmic Guardian we opted NOT to shoot our annoying neighbor in the face last time. In this Modern Age of Post-Modern Super Heroing, I’d say that qualifies us for inclusion in the Heroic Hall of Fame right there. While personally I might be disappointed in our upright behavior, it… [ Read more … ]

Chippendale's or Go For Blow?

In our last installment, we were standing befuddled in our apartment in the high-tech alien embrace of our new super suit deciding whether to potentially blow our nosy neighbor to smithereens or beat a hasty retreat. You’ll never guess, but we decided to run! I love that our alien super suit doesn’t have a built… [ Read more … ]

Nosy neighbors

In our last chapter or “Thrusts of Justice”, we had just been given a warm and very intimate hug by the dying Cosmic Guardian’s alien cyber suit and were deciding what to do (as chronicled in the excellent Chooseomatic book “Thrusts of Justice”, which you should totally go buy your own copy of since we’re… [ Read more … ]

To Boldly Go or To the Library We Go?

When last we left our potential future super-powered individual (as chronicled in the excellent Chooseomatic book “Thrusts of Justice”, which you should totally go buy your own copy of since we’re only scratching the surface of the hilarity enshrined in these pages), we were trying to decide which established character we should pursue. And we… [ Read more … ]

Thrusts of Justice

We had such fun with Matt Youngmark’s Chooseomatic adventure “Zombocalypse Now” that I thought we should take a crack at his newest book, the super-hero themed “Thrusts of Justice“. As usual, I’ll post a few pages of the adventure and let you all collectively decide on what course of action we should take. Matt’s a… [ Read more … ]