Thrusts of Justice

We had such fun with Matt Youngmark's Chooseomatic adventure "Zombocalypse Now" that I thought we should take a crack at his newest book, the super-hero themed "Thrusts of Justice". As usual, I'll post a few pages of the adventure and let you all collectively decide on what course of action we should take. Matt's a very funny, gifted writer and I am sure you'll get a kick out of these latest escapades. If you enjoyed trotting along after our zombie-confronting stuffed bunny, you'll love this one as well. And just like last time, you should go buy your own copy since we're only scratching the surface of the hilarity enshrined in these pages.

Without further ado, let's don our Clark Kent glasses and slip into our spandex Underoos, folks!

Cool! And here are our choices:

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I also thought it might be fun for you all to propose designs for these characters. Obviously we've seen Ox but feel free to take a crack at designing him as well. Just post the links to your image in the comments and we'll see what we can come up with!