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Poll Position: Greatest Live Action Superhero TV Show Of All Time

So, last weeks poll is now closed, and as usual, you can see the Top 10 from that poll on Tuesday.

Now, this week we're moving away from the big screen and onto the TV. Specifically, we're looking at superhero's on TV. We're only doing Live Action this week (Vote Flash), cartoons is for another time (Vote Flash), but that doesn't mean we're skimping out of quality (Vote Flash). As usual, I've given you 10 options to start with (Vote Flash) and you can add options that I've missed out (Vote Flash). If you can specify when the series started (Vote Flash) and its end date (Vote Flash) when you add something to the poll (Vote Flash), that would be appreciated (Vote Flash).  Other than that, I don't think there's anything else to say (Vote Flash), so I'll just leave it with you guys (Vote Flash)

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Poll Position: Greatest Sci-Fi Film Of All Time

So, the poll for our Greatest Star Wars Character has now closed and you can expect to see the result of that on Tuesday. However, for our next Poll, I've decided to go one step further and ask you guys what you feel is the greatest film ever made within the genre of Science Fiction. I've put 10 examples of films that classify as Sci-Fi in the poll below, but as with last week you are free to add your own so long as they are listed as in the Sci-Fi genre on IMDb. You can vote for as many as you like.

Poll Position: Greatest Star Wars Character

Ok, guys, going to try something a bit different this week. I'm looking for ways to make my Tuesday List series a bit more interactive, so what I'm going to try out is bringing back the Poll Position series and have you guys vote on a category I'm planning to do in the future. I've included 20 answers already (the main characters throughout the entire Star Wars series) and I've left an option open for you guys to add your own answers. You can vote for as many as you like and I'll take the 10 characters with the highest votes and use that as the basis for the list in 2 weeks time.

To clarify, I've separated characters that are played by different actors between trilogies (Yoda doesn't count here as he's a puppet/ CGI).

HeroMachine Hall Of Fame Poll For 2014

Hall Of Fame

I am a little late getting this up so the poll will be open until 11:59 Eastern time New Years Eve ( December 31st).


Here is how this work, you each can vote for up to Five entrants in this poll once daily until the poll ends. Once the Poll closes the five entrants with the most votes will be entered into the Hall Of Fame.


Note a little note. JR is currently running a Hero Of the Year pol the winner of which will also be entered into the Hall Of Fame. I believe one or more of the entries on this poll are on that poll also. I have no intention of entering the same image into the Hall of fame twice, so I will disqualify the Winner and ONLY the winner of JR's Poll from winning this one as well. What that means is if the Winner of Hero Of the Year is also one of the top five in this poll it will be will be removed from the list of winners here and the next entrant with the highest vote count will take it's place.  I hope that is simple enough to understand, and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.


The Special Poll Position: Batgirl Redesign – Results

Batgirl Costume Tests

Ok one week has past since I put this redesign up for discussion and your vote and the results are in. I asked you if you Loved, Hated, or were just Meh to this Batgirl costume and this is what you, our fine HeroMachine community has told me based on your votes.

Love It: 188 votes

Meh to it: 89 votes

Hate it: 38 votes

So it appears that more of you guys and gals out there love this design then those that hate it and are meh to it combined! It is interesting to note that as WillyPete pointed out though the vote was so heavily slanted towards loving it yet no one from that camp came forward to tell us way. So here is one last chance for you to come forwards and let us know your reasons behind the way you voted. Don't be shy we don't bite around, well not much away!!

Special Poll Position: The Batgirl Redesign

Batgirl Costume Tests

I am bringing "Poll Position" out of semi-retirement to discuss this new Batgirl costume. What I want to know is weather you the HeroMachine community "Love", "Hate", or are just plain old "Meh..." to this design?

Here are my feelings on the redesign. While I think this is a nice looking costume and well designed with the exception of the combat boots which are just way to clunky looking for me, I do not feel this is a good fit for Batgirl. I just don't think it works for a acrobatic, martial arts using, non-super powered crime fighter. The aforementioned boots give the outfit a sense of being weighted down and slowing especially in comparison to the sleeker look to the rest of the costume, and the leather jacket  looks like it would restrict her movements, especially in the shoulder area making it difficult to fight in.

So in conclusion while I like the costume in general, on Batgirl I Hate it. So what are your opinions? Lets us know what you think by voting in the poll and by commenting below.

Jedi Knight vs. Iron Man

We were just at Wal Mart this morning and I found a 12" Iron Man figure on sale. So I had to get it. I was thinking he would look cool next to the 12" Star Wars figures that I already have. Then I started thinking that it would be cool if Iron Man was to fight a Jedi Knight. I know two good guys right, but we all know that Iron Man has got into it with good guys before. Let me know what you think. I think my money would be on the Jedi Knight, but that is just my two cents worth. My wife said it would depend on which Jedi it was, because Yoda would kick his butt and crash him like an empty coke can.

Poll Position: The Multiverse

This week on Poll Position I am asking you to select which of the following fictional universes you would most like to live in.

The Main Stream Marvel Universe

The Marvel Ultimate's Univers

The DC Universe

The Image Comics Universe

The Doctor Who Universe

The Harry Potter Universe

The Stargate Universe

The Star Trek Universe

Other: You can add your own selection to this poll, however I want this particular answer limited to Universes that Our own planet earth is featured in, thus no listing for the Star Wars universe.

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Poll Position: Strength in Numbers!

marvel gang

Welcome to another edition of Poll Postition! This Week I ask you to vote on the following Question: "If you were a Superheroes Which of these Super Groups would you belong to?" ( Team Descriptions after the jump! )

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Poll Position: Black Canary vs Siryn

black canary vs siryn


This weeks Poll position will be a classic versus pitting DC Comics's Black Canary against Marvel Comic's Siryn.

Lets take a quick peek at the the powers and skills listed for these two power crooners!

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