Poll Position: Who Is The Best Green Lantern

So, following on from last weeks poll, where we looked at who the best Flash was, this week we're looking at another DC icon that was reinvented from the Golden Age to the Silver Age and then numerous times since, Green Lantern. You can choose who your favourite is from all of the human characters to have held the title of Green Lantern in DC continuity. We are not counting any of the alien characters who are part of the Green Lantern Corps, just the humans who own green power rings.

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2 Responses to Poll Position: Who Is The Best Green Lantern

  1. The Atomic Punk says:

    Sorry, JR. I can’t participate in this week’s poll. GL has been dead to me since 2011.

  2. William Peterson says:

    Modestly upset to not see Charlie Vickers in there… 😉
    Okay, so he was active for all of one story, or thereabouts, but, still…
    Not even sure who a bunch of these guys are, but, then, I stopped reading shortly after Geoff Johns took over, and turned it into the Rainbow Brite Corps…