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The latest happenings on all things HeroMachine.

HM3: SciFi Helmet (Reward for CDC♯57: Energy Blaster)

Helmet_HeavyArmor_030214This week’s item is a prize won by Extremely Epic for his second place finish in Character Design Contest #57: Energy Blaster. The first place winner Mad Jack generously gave the item prize to Extremely Epic.

The head pieces can be found in Headgear/Military, while the neck piece can be found in Neckware/Standard

Smiles, everyone!

I’ve just added the following 19 smile variations to the MouthFemaleStandard set of items. I hope they put a smile on YOUR face as well! See what I did there?!


HM3: Bison Head Dreams!

Legatus requested a bison head as his prize for winning Character Design Contest #58 (Brute). This majestic head can be found in Head/Animals. Hot magenta fur not included!



HM3: Cowl and Mask



Whiz Bang presents a cowl and mask for formal dining!

These pieces were a prize request from TOOL for his win of Character Design Contest #56 (Gadgeteer)

The mask and cowl can be found in Headgear/Fantasy while the eyes can be found in Eyes/Standard.

Not Dead Yet!

Did you think you got already rid of me? Na-ah! I’m still alive and back with a few new items for the ‘machine …02_11_2014
Hope you like them! ;)

HM3: Collars and Kimonos


A few new items from the Whiz Bang Factory.

The high collar pieces were requested by headlessgeneral for his Character Design Challenge #55 (Speedster) win.  I threw in the last piece for fun. These can be found in the Neckwear/Standard set.

The women’s shoes were requested by ams for another prize whose origin is lost in the mists of time. These can be found in FootRight/Female.

The traditional kimono pieces were inspired by a thread created by Kaylin88100. I placed all of the pieces in Tops/FemaleDresses.

The two tops are some old pieces that can be found in Tops/MaleSpandex.

Whiz Bang Item Creation Week 5 Poll Results!

And the winner is…

Mass Effect Leg Armor!




Poor War Machine Legs just didn’t have the mettle to win against heavy hitter Mass Effect Legs.

I’ll get working on this next week.


I’ve just added the following two halftone items to Patterns-Standard:


I made it like the other gradients, where color1 and color2 fade into each other. If you don’t want that and instead prefer a solid color background, you can set color2 to 0% alpha (color1 is solid). Or you can make both invisible and be left with just the dot line art.

HM3: Buggy Britches



The winner of the Whiz Bang Creation Poll#4 is live. You can find the thigh and shin pieces in Legwear/MaleStandard, while the foot can be found in FootRight/Mech.

Whiz Bang Item Creation Poll #5 (SciFi Leg Armor)

Alrighty. I really want to make some more tech legs. I’m taking last weeks losers and putting them up for a second chance at life in the Machine. Lame, you say. A little. Lazy, you say. Probably on target. But sometimes the Whiz Bang organization rolls like that. So buckle up and get your vote revving! It’s a head-to-head, hmmmm….leg-to-leg match between these scifi juggernauts!

The vote will close next Wednesday, January 29th.