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The latest happenings on all things HeroMachine.

HM3: Falling To Pieces

I am starting to add the individual parts of Jeff’s Body/Materials set starting with the Crystal Body. No new assets, just pieces of Jeff’s original artwork.


HM3: Deadly Nose Scratcher (Reward for CDC#66: Fashion Show 2)

Here is the clawed gauntlet requested by Mattisagamer for his win of the Character Design Contest #66 (Fashion Show 2).

The forearm piece can be found in GloveRight/Standard. The claw hand can be found in HandRight/Standard.


More Stufffffffffffffffffffff

Yeah, I know – I’ve made myself scarce lately. But don’t worry, I’m still around and working on some stuff nevertheless. And so I give you without further ado the results of this work:


Hope you like it… 😉

HM3: Tip of the Hat (Reward for CDC#63: Gadgets)








Here is a top hat with its steampunk gear counterpart. These were prize items requested by Rapidosian (AKA QuantumCookies) for winning Character Design Contest #63 (Gadgets).

These items can be found in Headgear/Modern.



HM3: Compass Rose

So far this morning you’ve gotten a new site install that’s super zippy AND that lets you log in thanks to Ben. I handed over a new version of HeroMachine 3 that once again allows exporting from Chrome. Which are both cool things but they’re not really new, they just fix things that were more or less broken. It’s like waking up Christmas morning and getting your old bike with a new coat of paint and the horn fixed.

So to complete the trifecta with a brand spanking new present, I’ve added a compass rose to the Insignia-Tech set for use in making maps or for a navigational-themed character. Or flag, tattoo, very odd Companion, whatever your fancy suggests. Enjoy!


HeroMachine – Site Upgrade in Progress

Hey, folks!

We’ve moved to it’s snazzy new server. Most things are up and functional, but we’re still encountering a few bugs, specifically:

  • logging into the forums is problematic
  • some premium content may be unavailable

We’re working overtime to correct these bugs, and we’ll let you know when they’re fixed.

If you’re having any other issues with the site, please comment on this post.

Thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience!

– Ben

HM3: Cubes, Circles, and Lines, Oh My! (Prize for CDC#65:Free For All)

Here is the prize for DiCicatriz’s win for the Character Design Contest #65: Free For All. A Metatron cubey thingy. You can find this in Background/Shape.



HM3: Look Out Behind You!

Whiz Bang brings you energy auras for all occasions. Just for the heck of it! You can find these in Backplane/Auras.


HM3: Look Up and Down (Reward for CDC♯61: Aliens)


Whiz Bang churns out another art asset. Whether you are a stargazer or footlooker we have something for you to enjoy. Head Tilted Up and Head Tilted Down.

This was a prize request by RobM for his high showing in the Character Design Contest #61 (Aliens).

The two Heads can be found in Heads/MaleStandard.

Here is a sample with eyes and mouth added…




HM3: Soulful Helmet and Cowl (Reward for CDC#59: Chinese Zodiac)



Whiz Bang releases artwork to the masses! Masses scratch their heads and shrug!

This Helmet and Cowl is a prize request from Vectorman316 for winning Character Design Contest #59 (Chinese Zodiac).

The Cowl can be found in Tops/MaleFantasyCommon while the Helmet can be found in Headgear/Fantasy.