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The latest happenings on all things HeroMachine.

HM3: Look Out Behind You!

Whiz Bang brings you energy auras for all occasions. Just for the heck of it! You can find these in Backplane/Auras.


HM3: Look Up and Down (Reward for CDC♯61: Aliens)


Whiz Bang churns out another art asset. Whether you are a stargazer or footlooker we have something for you to enjoy. Head Tilted Up and Head Tilted Down.

This was a prize request by RobM for his high showing in the Character Design Contest #61 (Aliens).

The two Heads can be found in Heads/MaleStandard.

Here is a sample with eyes and mouth added…




HM3: Soulful Helmet and Cowl (Reward for CDC#59: Chinese Zodiac)



Whiz Bang releases artwork to the masses! Masses scratch their heads and shrug!

This Helmet and Cowl is a prize request from Vectorman316 for winning Character Design Contest #59 (Chinese Zodiac).

The Cowl can be found in Tops/MaleFantasyCommon while the Helmet can be found in Headgear/Fantasy.


HM3: Venomous Claw (Reward for CDC#60: Elementals)


Whiz Bang presents this Claw as requested by NHA247 for his Character Contest #60 (Elementals) win. It can be found in HandRight/Standard.

Don’t poke your eye out!

HM3: Scary Glare and Heavy Pants


The Whiz Bang production moves on!

The Heavy Leg Armor was an extra for a poll from a month ago. The thigh, knee, and shin pieces can be found in Legwear/Standard while the foot can be found in FootRight/Tech.

The Scary Eyes were another remnant from the Bison Head piece. They can be found in Eyes/Standard.

HM3: Bovines, Britches, and Bolts


The Whiz Bang is revving up production with a few items…

The leg armor was the winning item of a Item Creation Poll a month or so back. The thigh, knee, and shin pieces can be found in Legwear/MaleStandard, while the briefs can be found in Legwear/MaleBriefs, and the shoes in FootRight/MaleTech.

The Bull Head is a remnant of my Bison Head creation. It can be found in Head/Animals.

The Lightning/Energy Bolt can be found in ItemRight/Energy.


HM3: SciFi Helmet (Reward for CDC♯57: Energy Blaster)

Helmet_HeavyArmor_030214This week’s item is a prize won by Extremely Epic for his second place finish in Character Design Contest #57: Energy Blaster. The first place winner Mad Jack generously gave the item prize to Extremely Epic.

The head pieces can be found in Headgear/Military, while the neck piece can be found in Neckware/Standard

Smiles, everyone!

I’ve just added the following 19 smile variations to the MouthFemaleStandard set of items. I hope they put a smile on YOUR face as well! See what I did there?!


HM3: Bison Head Dreams!

Legatus requested a bison head as his prize for winning Character Design Contest #58 (Brute). This majestic head can be found in Head/Animals. Hot magenta fur not included!



HM3: Cowl and Mask



Whiz Bang presents a cowl and mask for formal dining!

These pieces were a prize request from TOOL for his win of Character Design Contest #56 (Gadgeteer)

The mask and cowl can be found in Headgear/Fantasy while the eyes can be found in Eyes/Standard.