Open threads

META: Traveling Day

I’m flying back to Durango today, so I’ll be scarce ’round these parts. I don’t think the story telling thing is going to work after all, so let me know if you have any ideas for features you’d like to see regularly run here on the blog and maybe we can come up with some… [ Read more … ]

META: Open Thread

Today’s shaping up to be pretty busy on the Main Job, so I wanted to open this up for you all to talk about whatever you like. Have you seen the new Avengers and Spider-Man movie trailers? They look pretty awesome! But hey, whatever you all want to discuss, go for it.

Happy New Year's Eve!

Consider this an open thread, to discuss anything you like — memories of 2011, hopes for 2012, which upcoming super-hero related movie has you most excited, requests for the blog, etc. Whatever you like! As for me, I just want to express once again my sincere gratitude for your ongoing participation in the HeroMachine project,… [ Read more … ]

META: Slowsnow

We’re in the middle of a pretty big snowstorm here in SW Colorado, which is wreaking havoc with my internet connection. Thus, posting today will be a bit slow, including (unfortunately) the contest results. I’ll be checking it frequently and posting during open weather windows as possible, but I wanted to warn you. In the… [ Read more … ]

META: Apologies for Friday

I apologize for the lack of posts yesterday — Black Friday got the best of me. We were out of the house early, and it was meeting friends and family the whole rest of the day. By the time we got back, I just didn’t get to posting. Consider it a vacation day! Also, consider… [ Read more … ]

META: No PUP today

I dropped the ball on the Power User Profiles and thought I had one ready, when in fact I don’t. My apologies, but we’ll have no PUP today. So if you all want to treat this as an open thread, go for it! Discuss anything you like within the bounds of appropriateness. If you have… [ Read more … ]

Open Bragging Day

As I mentioned, I am currently out of town at my niece’s wedding and thus, can’t participate in an Open Critique Day today. We’ll pick that up again next week. In the meantime, though, I thought I’d instead make this an “Open Bragging Day”, a chance for you to share one piece of art of… [ Read more … ]

Open Critique Day

Someone mentioned that we haven’t had an “Open Critique Day” in quite a while, so here you go. Feel free to post a link to a HeroMachine character (or even just a drawing you’ve done) that you would like to get a constructive critique about in the comments to this post. Please limit it to… [ Read more … ]

Is HeroMachine art?

Someone on the “Star Wars: The Old Republic” forums posted the following: Maybe I’m just going through a stage of Male-PMS, but I feel like being really blunt here. The people who post screenshots of there person made with HeroMachine and call it their artwork, well, there are several things wrong with this: 1.) HeroMachine… [ Read more … ]

RPG Corner: Alignment

Few things get gaming geeks more riled up than arguing about alignment. Worthwhile or pointless, good or bad, nonsensical or the Best Thing Evar? Goodness (or Evilness or Chaositude or what have you) knows, if you’ve ever dealt with an angry twelve year old “role playing” a chaotic evil character in your party, you’ve seen… [ Read more … ]