META: Slowsnow

We're in the middle of a pretty big snowstorm here in SW Colorado, which is wreaking havoc with my internet connection. Thus, posting today will be a bit slow, including (unfortunately) the contest results. I'll be checking it frequently and posting during open weather windows as possible, but I wanted to warn you.

In the meantime, consider this an open thread and post away! If you have contest ideas you want to see, or Power Users you want profiled, or if you want to talk about the upcoming superhero movies, or anything else that's on your mind, go for it!

22 Responses to META: Slowsnow

  1. Avatar Big Mac says:

    Enjoy the snow…As a resident of northern Illinois I know it sucks, but theres not much else you can do but drink coffee and shovel (tunnel) your way out.

  2. Avatar Trekkie says:

    We’ve only just started getting December snow here- but only in Scotland and north England. The weather this morning gave an amber warning for 3cm of snow! (Yeah, we tend to overreact when it comes to snow. There’s an inch on the ground and milk and bread completely disappear from the shelves because people think they’re going to be snowed into their houses for two weeks.)

  3. Avatar skybandito says:

    I just got back from Florida and almost got caught in Denver by the start of the snowstorm, but lucked out and managed to get on the only Greyhound leaving for Salt Lake City that day. It was packed and uncomfortable, and went through Laramaie, where we could all watch the storm clouds j-u-u-u-st missing us. I feel sorry for those that had to wait for the next bus, which I hear didn’t leave that day or the next. That’s the mountains for ya!

  4. Avatar skybandito says:

    Oops! Forgot to suggest a contest theme. We got our collective asses handed to us in post-apocalyptic Denton. Why not design our own survivalists, who might do better in that situation?

  5. ams ams says:

    Light rain and 8 degrees celcius or 46 degrees fahrenheit in Ottawa, Canada today. No snow on the ground. My igloo is melting as we speak! HA!

    Skybandito has a cool idea with the survivalist/road warrior type theme for a contest. How about a Superhero/Emergency Responders theme? I’m always open to a Patriot hero theme.


  6. Avatar Gero says:

    @bandito 4: Nice idea, and very relevent, but we did one like that before a while back:

    Maybe Jeff wouldn’t mind doing another one though, or maybe just something along the lines of “character from a choose your own adventure book”…

  7. Avatar skybandito says:

    @Garo: ‘Twas before my time on this site.
    @Jeff: Never mind.

  8. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    We have been re-running some old contests lately, so it’s a possibility.

  9. Avatar dblade says:

    I like the post-apocalyptic theme.

    Mad Maxine!

  10. Avatar kyle says:

    55 degrees here!
    when can we get the chance to see the Contest Prizes or new items for the heromachine 3?

    movie :The Dark Knight Rises – Official Teaser Trailer ;

    contest themes:
    pirates,knights,vikings,worst costumes,
    holiday characters,soldiers, aliens,
    revamped of characters.

    who will win?
    Mario vs sonic.
    batman vs iron man.
    spawn vs hellboy.
    v vs daredevil.

  11. Avatar Trekkie says:

    How about doing a sci-fi theme again? (I had a look through the archives, and it seems that the last sci-fi contest was quite a while ago.) Or one where you’re entry has to be in black and white (which I think got mentioned in the Taurus winners entry as ‘anything you want but in black and white’)?

  12. Avatar Gero says:

    I wouldn’t mind doing another contest where we update old free domain comics characters, that was a fun one…

  13. Avatar Vampyrist says:

    Its surprising that here in the Chicago burbs that we haven’t been graced with snow’s presence. Last year, it snowed in October for god’s sake.

    Contest ideas:
    Another redesign a public domain character or a give a word like the first contest.

    A quote based contest where one has to find a quote and create an image to match it.

    Another EXTREME contest a la the 90s

    A power based contest similar to the FNF categories but where you give a specific power.

    A contest where you give a requirement of certain items like the specific items contest on the forums.


  14. Avatar Trekkie says:

    @Vampyrist: Oh yes, another EXTREME 90s contest would be fun- I wasn’t around for the first one so I’d really like to do one.

  15. ams ams says:

    What contest number was Extreme 90s? I like to take a look back..Please and Thank you.

  16. Avatar Myro says:

    We got hit with a snowstorm in Calgary, Canada, about 2 says ago. Roads should (hopefully) be mostly cleared now and the sidewalks have already been shoveled.

  17. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    ams, the link to the Finalists is here.

  18. ams ams says:

    @Jeff – Thanks!

  19. Avatar Gero says:

    @Vampyrist 13: And the winner is…Redux of the Original Character Contest!

  20. Avatar Gero says:

    Looking at my last post, I think I should explain a little better… ^_^” Original was a contest where we had to match a character to a word, just like the contest Jeff just posted, and just like Vampyrist’s second suggestion. Congrats on being Jeff’s muse this week!

  21. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I vote TOOL for PUP!