Mashup 4: Mr. Creepy and Baja Wally

This week’s “Random Monday Mashup”, wherein I take one (and only one) panel from ten randomly chosen comic books to try and make a story, features the adventures of Baja Wally, sex-ed teacher from the future. Plus roller skaters!

Mashup 3: Ranker than baked sewage

This week’s “Random Monday Mashup”, featuring one panel only from each of ten randomly selected comic books, begins in a seedy London bar with a conversation between a bartender and a thrill-seeking young motorcycle salesman named Tommy:

Mashup 2: Pompous, Preening Animals!

Each Monday I try to make a somewhat coherent story by taking one and only one panel from each of ten randomly-selected comic books. For this second edition, I’m going to introduce a couple of brief text transitions, hopefully that’s still within the spirit of the idea. This week’s random bag of fun featured demons… [ Read more … ]

Mashup 1: The Mosquitoes are TERRIBLE!

Welcome to the first edition of the Monday Mashup! Each week I’ll take one bag of ten random comics I purchased for ten cents apiece at Half Price Books and, by scanning one panel from each, try to create some sort of story that almost makes sense, if you don’t think about it too hard…. [ Read more … ]

Geek gone wild

I had the best comic-book-geek weekend. First I went to “StapleCon“, a convention here in central Texas for independent comic book publishers, where I met some outstanding talents working to make their dreams come true. It was as inspirational as it was costly, since of course I couldn’t resist buying one of everything. Plus, I… [ Read more … ]