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Friday Night Fights Interest ?



Well I am considering running another Friday Night Fights and am trying to Gage interest. If I do this you will have a full month to submit entries instead of one week which I ended up extending an additional week last time. If you are interested leave a comment below, and you can also suggest a theme for the contest.

Friday Night Fights: WINNER!

FNF Standings Final



Well Ladies and Gentlemen Friday Night Fights has come to an end and we have a Winner.


1st Place: djuby

2nd Place: RobM

3rd Place: NHA247

Everyone please join me in congratulating out Winner! After the Jump you will find all 5 of djiby's winning images.  Sometime next week I plan on putting up a Gallery of all the entries so stay tuned.

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FNF: Battle for the Bronze!



It was requested of me to put up a poll to determine the 3rd place winner of Friday Night Fights, so here it is!









Vote once a day for your favorite creation to determine who gets the bronze medal! Polls close Thursday May 9th at 12 Noon EDT ( GMT-4).

FNF: The Finial!

FNF Standings v3


Well here we are folks, The Last and Final round of this edition of Friday Night Fights. This week we have just two contestants left and they will face off against each other for your votes in an "Open Themed" round. So without further delay let me introduce you to the entries for this weeks challenge!







The Hunger

The Hunger


You can vote for your Favorite entry once a day for the next week! Polls close Thursday May 9th at 12 noon EDT ( GMT -4).

FNF Semi Finals Winners!



The Semi-Finals Polls are closed and the winners are:




Bark and Byte

Congratulations to these two fine heromachinist  and good luck to them in tomorrows Final show down!

Friday Night Fights: Semi Finals!

FNF Standings v2



Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for the SuperHero or Supervillain round of Friday Night Fights. The last three rounds has trimmed the competition down to just four entrants who will now be paired off and compete head to head in two separate polls. The two winners of these polls will face each other next week to determine the overall winner of this competition.

Good luck to the four semi finalist in their bid to win the Friday Night Fights! Polls Close Next Thursday May 2nd at Noon EDT ( GMT -4). Until that time you will be able to vote once a day in each poll for your favorite entry.

( Polls and Images after the Jump)

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FNF: Sci-Fi Round Closed



The Sci-Fi round of Friday Night Fights has come to an end and I would like to thank you all for voting. The winners of this round who will be advancing to the SuperHero/Villain round are the creators of the following:

 Steampunk Hoverbot

Librarian-droid of New Alexandria, Mar

Sci-Fi Alien

Black Rose


Congratulations to the winners and good luck to them in the next round which will be up tomorrow morning 7 am EDT (GMT -4)

FNF: Sci-Fi Round Deadline Reminder



Ladies and Gentlemen this is just a reminder that the Current round of Friday Night Fights comes to an end this Thursday April 25th at High Noon EDT ( GMT -4). Rally your troops and get those votes in once a day on each of the four polls for this round.

Friday Night Fights: Sci-Fi Round!

FNF Standings


Ok folks here is where things get interesting. Start this with this round and the next two rounds we will be switching to a brackets tournament style of contest. We have eight contestants here and they will be broken into 4 pairs. Each pair will be its on separate poll bidding for you votes. You will be able to vote for one of the two contestants in each of the four polls once a day until next Thursday the 25th of April at Noon Eastern Daylight Time ( GMT -4 ).

You will find the four polls and images of this weeks challengers below after the  Jump. Good luck everyone!

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FNF: Fantasy Round Poll -CLOSED-



The Fantasy Round of Friday Night Fights has ended and the creators of the following eight characters will be advancing to the next round which will be posted tomorrow.


Dervish of the Forlorn Waste

Orc Mage


From Above

The Lion

Raxx'l Boarder Guard

Western Sand Giant


Congratulations to the winners and good luck in the next round.