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The winning entries for all HeroMachine contests.

Character Design Challenge #181 (Free For All) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Hawk007- War Chief & Xinmodic- Alien Super Suit

Winner: Candruth- Synnove

Character Design Challenge #180 (Team-Up) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Blunt Object- The Mechanix & Superfly30- The Elementals


Winner: Sprocketsauce- The House Of Sallus

Character Design Challenge #179 (Inspired By Music) Winner

Winner: Melmo44- Frozen Steel

Character Design Challenge #178 (TGT: Pirates) Winner

Honourable Mentions: HerrD- The Charade Of Undead Pirate Simms & djuby- Steampunk Pirate

Winner: Vampyrist- Greco Bloodeye

Character Design Challenge #177 (Public Domain Amalgams) Winner

Winner: Brons- The Avenging Bat

Character Design Challenge #176 (National Heroes) Result

Honourable Mentions: Blunt Object- Masada (Israel) & Urban Poet- La Catrina (Mexico)

Winner: MacAdson- Le Sans Culotte (France)

Friday Night Fights: Winner

Ok, the votes are in, the poll is closed and we have a winner. I pretty sure nobody would have called the finalist we had, let alone the winner, before this contest started, but both contestants fought hard to get to the final, one being the underdog facing off against and beating some of the favourites to win, whilst the other acted as the dark horse, quietly winning through each round by fairly decent margins. However, out of the two, there can only be one winner. And that winner is Vampyrist. Congratulations Vamp, there would be a trophy or something but I kinda forgot to get it engraved, so you'll have to make do with a round of applause.

Anyway, so as to immortalise his win for posterity, here are all of Vampyrists entries for the FNF contest.

Round 1 (Modern)- James Bellamy


Round 2 (Fantasy)- Jared Karkarran


Round 3 (Sci-fi)- Dryk


Round 4 (Superhero)- Cobalt


Character Design Challenge #175 (TGT: Sci-Fantasy)- Winner

Honourable Mentions: Superfly30- (untitled) & Drummergirl4- Laser Dragon

Winner- headlessgeneral- Victor Zero

Character Design Challenge #174 (Weaponry) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Rapidosian- Bloodreaver & Superfly30- futuristic laser cannon

Winner: djuby- HipsterPro3000

Character Design Challenge #173 (Musical) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Melmo44- Subsonic & Superfly30- Sonic Boom

Winner: Cliff- Blues And Booze