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Character Design Contest ♯131 (All In One) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯130 (You’re Backgrounded) Winner

Ok, I’m pretty confident there wasn’t any jiggery-pokery going on with this weeks poll. There weren’t any sudden and inexplicable jump in votes for anyone, the leader maintained their lead all week (which might be a bit boring, but I’m fine with it) and it was quite close between some of the other placings. So… [ Read more … ]

Character Design Contest ♯130 (You’re backgrounded) Poll

Now remember people, no funny business. I want a nice clean vote, ok.

Character Design Contest ♯129 (Heads Up) Winner & Public Service Announcement

This poll has been very unusual. It was led for most of the week by someone who has won both polls he’s been in this year and then basically overnight the person in second place jumps 25 votes to take a very comfortable victory. Now I’m not accusing anyone of anything (I can pretty much guarantee… [ Read more … ]

Character Design Contest ♯127 (Heads Up) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯128 (Dressed To Impress) Winner

I can’t say I was expecting this result. Not trying to put down our winner or anything, but I thought it would be the person who came second who won. But then, my personal favourite came fifth, so what do I know. Still doesn’t change the fact that this weeks winner (and deservedly so) is Vampyrist… [ Read more … ]

Character Design Contest ♯128 (Dressed To Impress) Poll

Honourable Mentions- Son4, Keric, Thundersong, Ubiquitous Pixel, MadJack (basically enough to have a second poll. As per usual, the costume contest was a pain in the butt to judge 😉 ).

Character Design Contest ♯127 (What a bunch of posers) winner

Now that’s more like it. We managed to get back up to our usual poll participation level for this week, which, after last week, is a relief. And it was an interesting weeks worth of voting, with our eventual winner having to fend off second place at every turn, only to pull ahead at the… [ Read more … ]

Character Design Contest ♯127 (What A Bunch Of Posers) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯126 (Contest Again) Winner

Ok, I’d be lying if I said that result wasn’t a little bit worrying. Not who won, but the amount of votes. This weeks poll only got 97 votes apparently, which is the lowest turnout for a poll since CDC63 in March last year. What’s all that about guys? Did everyone decide to take their… [ Read more … ]