Character Design Contest #336 Results

There weren't a lot of entries to this weeks contest, which I can't say was much of a suprise, the remit was unusual and quite strict. However, that didn't stiffle the entry quality, as all 5 entries are worthy of winning. Christi S's entry had probably the best realistic water effect and I especially liked how she did the rocks breaking the surface of the water. But I also have to give credit to both GJC6664 and Madison for their use of a "paint-brush" effect to achieve their water. Out of the two I'd say GJC's effect is better and less overwhelming for the picture as a whole, though Madison does get points for being the only person to attempt a foreground character. Then we have SprocketSauce's entry which utilises light, darkness and colour mixing alongside some interesting item usage to create an excellent scene. And finally we have HerrD, who also used some unusual item usage to create his sea creatures (sponges, coral, sea slugs and the like) which is something none of the others attempted.

However, despite this being a very hard descision, we do have a winner. It was close, but in the end I have to give the win to SprocketSauce and his entry DEEP DIVE.

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