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Kaldath’s Corner: Halloween Specific Candy!

Before I had gotten sick I had started a series I had planned to keep going at least for a year  where I would get a mystery package full of Japanese Candy and snacks once a month and would taste test them for you on video. Well My diabetes getting completely out of control and landing me in the hospital ended that series real quick. Well today on the youtube channel linked to one of the services I use to study Japanese there was a video about Japanese halloween themed candies. Now I can not taste test this stuff for you, but that doesn't mean I can't link you too another video that does, and I have always found Risa ( the host of this video) to be funny and entertaining, so here you go ......................


Now that the video is over, I do have a question for you all. What candy ( Currently or in the past ) is your favorite October/Halloween favorite ? Mine has always been candy corn, I love the stuff though with my diabetes I fear I will not be able to partake of it anymore.

KHU: Back to Work!

This will be my last Kaldath Health Update post! I have offically returned to work! Yep I have suited up in my niffty Security Officer uniform and just finished my first shift since June 5th. I am a bit disappointed I was unable to return to the job site I had before getting sick which was less then a mile from my home, but dispite the increased distance this new site doesn't seem so bad. 

Anime Talk – I’ve Always Liked You – Confess Your Love Committee – Review

In This edition of Anime Talk I review the Slice Of Life, Romance Anime Movie "I've Always Liked You - Confess Your Love Committee"

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Kaldath’s Anime Talk Corner?: Youtube Anime Reviewer(s) Showcase


Well if the title of this post didn't confuse you congratulation for those who did let me explain! As you all or at least most of you are aware I write two different types of posts here on Heromachine. That first would be Anime Talk where I discuss all things Anime related, the second being Kaldath's Corner where I write about things I personally find particularly interesting. Well This post is going to be a bit of a combination of the two!

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This is a Kaldath Health Update.

Well folks we have a good new bad news situation here, though mostly good news. I have been discharged from Hyperbaric treatments early because my foot has already healed up, and if it is still considered "healed" next week at my wound care appointment I will be discharged from wound care also. The Bad new is that my regular doctor thinks I have a bulging disc in my back and will be sending me to physical therapy to treat it. My back is causing me a great deal of pain, resulting from a fall I took right after being discharged from the hospital. In any event things are certainly looking up for me healthwise even if pain is still an issue at this point.

Anime Talk: Review of “Orange”


Hello folk, on this edition of Anime Talk I am going to as the title says; review the Anime Series Orange. Warning there may be some spoilers but I will try to limit them as much as possible.

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Anime Talk: Live Action Ghost In The Shell clips!


A live action version of the Anime Movie Ghost In The Shell is in fact a real thing, and in the past I have written two posts about this subject, the first one when I first found out about this project ( Read it HERE ) and the second a look into the controversy and accusation of "white washing" by Hollywood because Scarlet Johansson was cast as the Major ( Read that one HERE ). Well now I am writing to share with you all some clips I just saw on ChrunchRoll's news section from the movie which are on youtube. You can see those clips HERE. 

Now there isn't a lot we can learn from the clips as they are so short, however there is one thing we certainly can learn from them. One of the fears surrounding this film by the fans of the source material is that the setting would be changed. It was feared that the story would be removed from Japan and placed in a futuristic version of New York, or LA but from what we can see in these clips that fear can be put to rest or so I hope anyway. These clips make me more hopeful for this movie and now we just have to sit and wait too see weather Ms Johansson can do the role of Motoko Kusanagi.

Kaldath’s Corner: Cosplay Of Doom!!

Here is a cool video I found on my Twitter feed from marvel and is posted on Marvel's youtube page:



Hey Folks, Just a quick update on my current health status. Good news is, I got results from a culture my doctor took last week and I am MRSA free, On the little bit good, little bit bad news front my doctor has decided to extend my disability for  nearly an additional month due to the wounds caused by the toe and bone amputations on my foot. So instead of returning to work in 3 weeks on Sept. 20th I am currently slated to return to work on Oct. 17th pending additional evaluation and completion of my Hyperbaric treatments. So there you have it, not a lot to report this time around but things for the most part are heading in the right direction.

Anime Talk: Top 5 – 2 for 1 Double Take!

In This edition of Anime Talk I am going to be doing not one but TWO separate top 5 lists for you discerning anime fans out there to debate! Why two lists you may ask? The answer is simply, I'm lazy and don't want to write two separate posts!! Yeah I know, I get like that sometimes, so sue me.

Anyway lets get rolling with our first list.

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