Anime Talk – I’ve Always Liked You – Confess Your Love Committee – Review

In This edition of Anime Talk I review the Slice Of Life, Romance Anime Movie "I've Always Liked You - Confess Your Love Committee"

Well I just finished watching this movie on CrunchyRoll and I have to say it was a pretty decent Anime. The basic plot of the story revolves around the fact that the our two main characters as well as their group of friends all seem to be in love with someone however are all unable to confess their feelings for the ones they are smitten with. Now I am sure we all can relate to this, I know I sure can and I wasn't even a teenager the last time I felt the fear of rejection holding me back from expressing my feeling and so this anime really struck a cord with me and I found myself empathizing with all our protagonist.

We don't get a lot of character development here, but with a run time of just over one hour you can't really expect all that much development to begin with but I can say that all the characters are really really likeable and don't fall into the normal tropes we see in typical romance anime. Well we do get the "childhood friend" angle but it isn't too overplayed here.

The art and animation here is done real well, which is to be expected as most modern anime with only a few exceptions in my opinion have great artwork. The voice actors did a good job of portraying their characters however I felt there really was nothing outstanding about any of their performances, but nothing horrible either. The Music in this anime was good but again nothing outstanding, but that could just be due to none of it truly being to my personal musical tastes.

There is only one problem I found with this movie. The first fifteen minutes or so seemed to suffer from some incredibly slow pacing which almost had me turn it off but after that things settled into a nice smooth pace, neither to fast nor to slow.

Overall I would give this Anime a rate of 6 out of 10 stars. It is a sold movie and great to watch on a slow evening when you have nothing else to do, but it wasn't a most see experience for me.

On a side note I did eventually overcome my own fear and confess, and was indeed rejected! However she and I have remained friends and though not the relationship I had wanted, she is indeed one of my most cherished friends to this day, so if you are going through something like this my advice would be to go for it because even if he or she says no you can still harvest a deep and lasting friendship.

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