Kaldath’s Anime Talk Corner?: Youtube Anime Reviewer(s) Showcase


Well if the title of this post didn't confuse you congratulation for those who did let me explain! As you all or at least most of you are aware I write two different types of posts here on Heromachine. That first would be Anime Talk where I discuss all things Anime related, the second being Kaldath's Corner where I write about things I personally find particularly interesting. Well This post is going to be a bit of a combination of the two!

Let me now explain why I decided to write this particular post. It's not secret that I have been in very poor health over the last 4 months and have been hospitalized twice in that time period. Both of those hospital stays saw me at the most depressed state I have ever been in my life! Well It was mostly these two gentlemen and their individual youtube channels that provided me with enough distraction to soldier through all that depression and begin the road to recovery that I am on now.

The BlackCriticGuy and Glass Reflection channels on youtube provide some of THE BEST anime reviews I have ever witnessed ( links to their channels found at the bottom of this post). I try my best to provide a halfway decent review when I write about an Anime show but by god I wish I had half the talent these guys have, not to mention the fantastic personality and screen presence they present. So it is with my own immense enjoyment of the work BCG and GR, as well as my sense of gratitude for getting me through some very dark days I find myself with the desire to share with you all a sample of their work!

First here is one of  The BlackCriticGuys videos, a review of the Anime Series Re; Zero:


and Next is a review of the same exact Anime by Glass Reflection:


Hey, after those two videos you could consider this a review post of the show Re: Zero even if not a review done by me, though  I do agree with much of what is said in these videos.

That's about all I have to say other besides to encourage you to give these videos a like if you enjoyed them and maybe even follow their channels if you REALLY liked it, after all I think they are well worth the watch!

BlackCriticGuy - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtdo5kX5Yro4oYjL4Kesy2w

Glass Reflection - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmEbe0XH51CI09gm_9Fcn8Q

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