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Kaldath’s Corner: Daredevil Netflix exclusive

Recently I heard about a new Marvel comics TV show that is being released soon “Daredevil” and thought to myself, cool I’d love to see that! The problem is this show is going to be exclusive to Netflix and though I used to be a subscriber however I switched from Netflix to Hulu Plus a couple years back due to a larger Anime content on Hulu.

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Anime Talk: White-Washing?

This week on Anime Talk I want to discuss a topic I briefly touched upon in the comments of a previous Anime Talk talking about the live action Ghost in the Shell Movie that Dreamworks is putting together. That topic would be the White-Washing of Asian character in the Hollywood adaptations of the works in which the characters have originally appeared.  For those not familiar with the term, white-washing is the practice of casting the white actor or actress for a role of a character that is of a different race in the source material in this case Asians.

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Anime Talk: How Do you Watch ?

Hello fellow Machiners, and Anime fans, on this edition of “Anime Talk”  I want to find out how each of you watch Anime? Do you still purchase DVD/Blu-Ray Discs? Do you download (legally I hope) your anime from a service like iTunes, or Amazon instant video? Are you limited to what is on television on channels like the Cartoon Network? or Do you subscribe to a video streaming service like Netflix or Hulu plus ?

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Ideas wanted

Sooo, I am having a bit of writers block at the moment and can’t think of anything to write about presently. When I get like this I turned to you for your suggestions. What would you like me to write about for tomorrow’s post? Give me your suggestions. The topics I normally write about are :

Anime Talk – Anything anime ( if I know about it anyway ), not so much on Manga as I don’t read it but if I find something interesting I will discuss it.

Bad Super Costumes – pretty self-explanatory, if there is a costume in comics, super movies, heck even anime and manga that I think is bad it gets discussed here, though I haven’t done one of these in a long long time.

Poll Position – Basically I pick a subject like what Spiderman costume is better, or who would win in a fight between X and Y and put up a poll for you to vote on. Again I haven’t done one of these in a long while.

Kaldath’s Corner – I write about any old thing that piques my interest that doesn’t fall into one of the categories above.


So as I said I can’t come up with an idea to write about this week so make me a suggestion and hopefully one of them will break this writers block. If not I apologize in advance for not writing anything of interest this week!

Kaldath’s Corner: Spider-Gwen

This edition of Kaldath’s Corner is going to be sort of a reverse of the old Bad Super Costume series we used to run. Continue reading

Anime Talk: Sword Art Online Part II

Back in March Last year I did a review of Season 1 of Sword Art online, with the intention of watching the second season and review that also. Well it has been a long time coming but I have watch that second season AND watched Most of the sequel anime Sword Art Online II and I have to say I am disappointed!

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Caption Contest Hiatus

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, or morning or afternoon depending on when you are reading this! I write this post to inform you all that I have decided to take a break from doing Kaldath’s Caption Contest for a while. Between the low turn out that contest has been getting in past month or so, as well as a general feeling of being burned out on it I figure it is time to step away before it stops being fun to do. I am not sure when I will start them up again but hopefully I can get my caption mojo back soon. In the mean time I will try to give you something each week to replace the contest, weather that be an Edition of Anime Talk, or a Kaldath’s Corner, a bad Super costume or something else entirely I will try my best to keep you good folk entertained on Wednesdays! ( Starting next week since I did  an Anime Talk yesterday! )

Kaldath’s Caption Contest #60 – Results

Last week I asked you all to come up with your best dialogue for this image:

Drama 1


We had another small turn out for this week so no top five this week and instead I will just announce the winner and that would be …………………………..

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Anime Talk: Vocaloids!

On this edition of “Anime Talk” I want to discuss the phenomenon known as Vocaloids. Now I first learn of this 4 or 5 years ago, however browsing youtube today I stumbled across a couple videos by the Fine Brothers ( Elders React to Vocaloids and Kids react to Hatsune Miku ) that brought them back to my attention ( I will link to those videos at the end of this article). For those of you who do not know what a Vocaloid is, they are computer generate synthesized singers and apparently a number of Japans top Idols are Vocaloids!

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Possible Absence

Hey Folks I just wanted to write and let you all know that due to pending weather conditions here in New Jersey that I may not be able to judge caption contest 60 or post contest 61 this week. On Monday night we are expected to be hit by a Blizzard lasting through sometime on Tuesday night. Now if I have electricity and no interruption in my internet service I will post as normal, but it is always possible that this wet heavy snow will knock services out and I just wanted you all to know ahead of time in the event I can’t post anything.