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No CYOA Wednesday today, Delayed One Week

Hey Folks, Spending the day today getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow, plus not feeling well so I haven’t gotten around to doing the CYOA today. I apologize for the delay but if I am feeling up to writing tonight while I am at work I will figure out something for all your entertainment.

CYOA Wednesday: Channel U – Part 4

Channel U

Well Folks it is time once again to return to the pages of our story, channel  U! Last week we were facing an enemy that was able to knock our shields out in a single blast and that could knock our own torpedoes down before they could do any damage. We were left with the Option to go in guns blazing and try and take the enemy out or to separate our ship into tow halves one half trying to distract the enemy and the other half go on a rescue mission to save a shuttle-craft that was the our beginning of this encounter. We choose to separate the ship!

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Kaldath’s Corner: Share Your Music

On this edition of Kaldath’s Corner I am reviving the old sharing day posts. This is something that Jeff used to do when he ran the blog, the idea here is to get to know the community a little better. I am not sure if this will be a regular thing or just a one and done type of experience, we will just have to wait and see.


What we are going to do here is I am going to share with you some of my favorite music and then in the comments below I want you to share a piece of music you enjoy listening to. In addition if you share some of your musically interests with us then you can ask me one question on any topic of your desire and I will endeavor to answer honestly if I am able too. So let us being!


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CYOA Wednesday/Thursday: Channel-U Part 3

Channel U

It is once again time for our journey into the realms of Channel-U! Last week we were confronted with a Shuttle under attack by a large starship from a Race know as the “Phantoms”. Apparently anyone who has ever gone toe to toe with the Phantoms have been destroyed. We were faced with the option of helping the shuttle and fight, or turning tail and running away. We in turn Hero fashion choose to fight …………….

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The CYOA will be late again!

At this Rate I need to rename it CYOA Thursdays!! Sorry guys, I lost track of time today doing chores not the least of which was laundry so I could have clean uniforms for work tonight! ( I am back to doing over night Security ) and now it is bed time so I don’t fall asleep at my post! Luckly I have the time to write at work as the place is a bit of a ghost town most of the night and I bring my Macbook with me so the post will be taken care of this evening. Once again sorry for the delay.

Happy Veterans Day

With it being Veterans Day here in the United States I wanted to take a step up onto the Soap box that this site provides me to thank all the Veterans out there, not Just here in the USA but to all the soldiers around the world regardless of nationality who put their lives at risk to protect and preserve freedom!

Thank You All, You are all the true Superheroes!

Anime Talk: Terminology

In this addition of Anime Talk I want to go over some terms used in regard to Anime/Manga and its community that you may or may not be familiar with. In the future my reviews may be incorporating some of these terms and I wanted a point of reference for you all to be able to look at in you don’t know the term already.

So Lets beg!

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Anime Talk: Invitation

Let me start off that I plan on writing a couple anime talks over the next couple weeks, as I have been on a bit of an anime binge of late, that being said I would like to invite you the anime fans of our community to write for heromachine also. If there is any anime topic that I have not covered that you wish to talk about please send me email at We can discuss what you want to talk about and if I find it reasonable you can either write up an article about the topic which I will then post for you, or If you don’t feel like writing it I myself may ( or may not ) take a crack at the topic.


I ask this of you all in hopes of providing more content for the HeroMachine community at large. I would like to write more articles but can not always think of something to write about, and even when I ask for suggestion I do not always feel qualified to write about the things being suggested to me, so that is why I thought of asking for some guess writers from the community. SO anyone that feels like stepping up please feel free to contact me.

Hall Of Fame: Malai

Malai by Candruth



CYOA Wednesday: Channel U – Part 2

Channel U

Well Folks It is time again for our Chose Your Own Adventure Wednesday ( if a bit late ). To Recap so far the main protagonist of our story was sitting in front of an experiment Television created by his fathers company when he discovered a special channel on the set that caused him to be sucked into the land of tv by a doppelganger of himself, Our protagonist’s twin told us that we had to pick a genre of tv show to participate in and if we solved or defeated the situation present there in we he would be set free. That was where we came in! I asked you to vote on which genre we would follow and you all choose Sci-fi so lets kick this off again.


The story continues after the Jump.

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