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Anime Talk: Top 10 Rom-Com

Rom Com

Considering Valentines day is right around the corner I decided on this edition of Anime Talk I would give you my personal top 10 list of Anime Rom-Coms or Romantic Comedies! So without further delay we will begin with number 10 right after the Jump ....

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Update On Me!

Hello Machiners,

Just wanted to write this to let you all know I am still alive and kicking! I am mostly recovered and should be back to posting things again soon. If not for the Blizzard that hit my area this past weekend I would have likely already been back but the storm gave me a little set back. The storm itself hurt me and then shoveling my car out from 2 feet of snow  on 3 separate occasions to get back and forth from work didn't help matters either! I believe that  I will likely stop posting the Choose your Own Adventure Wednesday posts and just stick to random Kaldath's Corner and Anime Talk posts for the time being, at least  until I am certain I can begin posting on a regular schedule again. At that time I will decide what my normal weekly post will be, your suggestions are welcome but I make no guarantee on those suggestions being used.

Anyway I just wanted to keep you all updated on my status and I hope to e able to have something up and posted this weekend. Thinking of doing some first impression reviews on some of the new 2016 anime that has been released in the last couple weeks! Lots of good shows to talk about!

Hall of Fame: Phantom Jack by djuby


1st place 2015 Hall Of Fame Poll

Hall Of Fame: Celestra by FrostJon 361


2nd Place 2015 Hall Of Fame Poll

Hall Of Fame: Manhunter by Candruth


3rd Place 2015 Hall Of Fame Poll

Hall Of Fame: Heavy Unit Turtle Shell v2 by Extremely Epic


4th Place 2015 Hall of Fame Poll

Sorry For my Absence

I apologize that I haven't been posting anything lately and the way things are going may not be posting for a while to come. The fluctuating weather patterns in my area, wild temperature changes, rain etc has had me in a serious amount of pain. As I type right now I am laying in bed feeling as if someone has kicked me in my back! So while I will be posting the winners of the Hall Of Fame poll on monday I am not going to be doing any kind of schedule posting for a while. I may throw up a random Kaldath's Corner, or Anime Talk or what have you  if I am having a good day but there may be some long stretches with nothing from me. Once again I am sorry to have to do this and I hope the weather decides to settle on what season it wants to be soon so I can return to normal !

HeroMachine Hall Of Fame Final Poll

Hall Of Fame

Well Folk, the polls closed on the previous 5 hall of fame polls and I have collected the 3 entries from each poll with the most votes and have added them to the poll below. Before you , you have 15 heromachine creations to choose from. The 4 that get the most votes will be entered into the HeroMachine Hall Of Fame. You can vote only once in this poll but you can vote for as many or as few of the entries as you like. Poll Closes at Midnight on January 10th. Good luck to all the entrants!

Kaldath’s Corner: The Shannara Chronicles

Back in September of 2012 when Jeff was still running the blog I made my first attempt at writing for HeroMachine when I learned that the Elf Stones of Shannara was being made into a TV Series. You can Read that Here .

Well now all these years later that series is coming to fruition and will be premiering Tuesday January 5th 2016 ( this Tuesday ) on MTV as The Shannara Chronicles

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CYOA Day Delayed

Sorry for the inconvenience but I will not being doing the CYOA Day this week. The Weather has been playing havoc with my body and I have been dealing with a great deal of pain. For these reason over the last few days  if I wasn't at my job working I was laying in bed trying to sleep. My back and neck which had been severally damaged in a car accident some 10 or more years ago are extremely weather sensitive plus I have  arthritis in other joints as well due to other various and sundry injuries.  So once again I am sorry but maybe if I am feeling better I will get a Kaldath's corner or Anime talk out over the weekend to make up for not doing the CYOA.