HM3: More Stuff From The Thrift Shop

As promised, here a few more new items for the 'machine. Enjoy! (That's an order!) πŸ˜‰

They are online now, but you might have to clear your cache to see them ...

Mad Jack

About Mad Jack

Native of Luxembourg living in Bavaria (near Munich) for more than three decades now. OY VEY!

18 Responses to HM3: More Stuff From The Thrift Shop

  1. Booyah!

  2. Amazing! Thanks!

  3. Thank you!

  4. Would be amazing to get these for females as well.

  5. Avatar Magnus Maximus

    They’re awesome, but I can’t see any of the new belts. I’ve tried clearing my cache and everything. Thoughts?

  6. *taps fingers together Mr. Burns style*

  7. Has anyone seen my jaw? I’m sure I Dropped it around here somewhere?

  8. They are awesome, but I’m with djuby on the female parts camp…

  9. Holy moly, that’s my afternoon sorted, “pushes work aside”.

  10. @Skoul – Wait…I think that’s mine your picking up.

  11. Very Nice, I can see many possible characters coming from some use of some of these items. I am thinking of making a honey badger type character. I will get around to him/her when I can, honey badgers don’t care.

  12. Awesome work, Mad Jack! These are great additions.

  13. Nice to see some items that I drew for another character creation program (I’m just a developer), use by you.

  14. Good itens… i see their in fabrica de herΓ³is.

  15. I didn’t draw these, MadJack did, but I’m not sure it’s possible to “own” a collar, or half a shirt, or weapon straps. Fabrica de Herois and I have long been very tolerant of each other’s stuff, there are only so many iterations of a shirt or whatnot that can be done.

    Their art style is different, the poses are different, and the results are different. These items are all redrawn to fit in the HeroMachine look.

    If the creator of the program objects to these being here, I’ll remove them, but my attitude has always been “live and let live”. We’re all trying to help people bring their vision to life, I don’t see any harm being done here any more than I’ve objected to HeroMachine items showing up over there.

  16. For me no problem. The point is that has some items that were not made by me, but I believe there is no problem too.


  17. For me no problem! πŸ™‚
    If you want some items send me an email … we can do an exchange … rsrs

  18. Great, thank you for the reply! It’s good to work with people who share the same ultimate goal — letting people express themselves. I’ve always been a fan of your site.