More Stufffffffffffffffffffff

Yeah, I know - I've made myself scarce lately. But don't worry, I'm still around and working on some stuff nevertheless. And so I give you without further ado the results of this work:


Hope you like it... ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mad Jack

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Native of Luxembourg living in Bavaria (near Munich) for more than three decades now. OY VEY!

12 Responses to More Stufffffffffffffffffffff

  1. Wow… just wow. I recognize a lot of those rifles from a certain sci-fi rpg. Awesome work Mad Jack. Thanks!

  2. Good stuff, MadJack, thank you!

  3. Woah-K. Not bad. I’m liking this.

  4. Nice! Did I ever tell you I was a sucker for wings?

  5. Awwwwww! This means my ME OC won’t be quite as creative in the weapons department next time! Rats. I really liked MY version of the Phalanx… Ah well. Yay!

  6. What is the middle head of? It looks like across between of hippo & shark to me.

  7. Heh! I was wondering when we were going to get a few of those certain guns. I happen to be on a related binge right now. Great work.

  8. It’s could be interesting to propose mammoth tusks separately (in mouth category ).

  9. woohoo woohoo woohoo hooooooo!

  10. love the rifles. Any chance for bib overalls, or maybe a towel. You should never leave home without a towel.

  11. Avatar AGuyOnABuffalo

    Super stoked!! but are the rifles in item right yet?? I see the others but not those ๐Ÿ™

  12. Nice ME hookup! By the way is there a specific place to drop any suggestions for new illustrations?