New Companions

I just threw the following three items into the Companions-Standard set. Enjoy!


7 Responses to New Companions

  1. Axesome!

  2. These all look awesome, but when I clicked “Fluffy” I got the horse!

  3. Same here Clicking Cerberus brings up the horse

  4. Looking good.

  5. Whoops, sorry about that. Should be fixed now.

    No one was supposed to know that Cerberus’ secret identity was as a horse!

  6. Yes finally! You have one! A Cerberus! I’ve been waiting all my life for HM to get one!

  7. Not sure if this is the place for requests but…

    …how about a wolverine/badger for an animal companion?

    My poor Druid is making do with an oversize weasel!