Share Day / Open Critique Day #1

I am going to put Share Day and Open Critique Day together for now on. I think Sundays will work out the best for them. So show us your art or tell us one of your stories, let us see how artistic you have been.

5 Responses to Share Day / Open Critique Day #1

  1. Avatar TOOL says:

    Its the only new thing I have really right now, I was working on some FNF stuff kinda but I dont have to worry about that now. I am just trying to create with whatever my mind decides to let out of the box now. Ps I love HM, it really helps me when I need some me time to have some fun and create something or talk to cool peeps. Thanks everyone, creators and users both!

  2. ams ams says:

    Great character, Tool. Dark, brooding and the red evil eyes pop out from the other neutral colors. The only 2 minor fixes I see are the staff in his hand. Needs to be “more in his hand”, not cutting through his pinky finger. And one knee is higher than the other.

  3. Avatar Herr D says:

    I’m not sure whether I’m put off by the lack of splatter on his shreds or just disbelieving because there isn’t a visible scar or injury.

    Is this a WIP? Background could be used to make his lack of injury okay somehow. Adding splatter to the shreds would just make him a Wolverine-speed healer. Either way, super-agile or superhealer would probably do it for me. Got a backstory?

  4. TOOL:

    What ams said about the staff hand and his legs. I’m not a big fan of blades that pop out from under the wrist. One slip and you slice off a finger or impale the palm of your hand.

    Also, it looks like he uses that wristblade to shave his legs. I would consider adding leg hair. All that aside, he does have a nomad / wasteland assassin vibe.

  5. Avatar TOOL says:

    I had thought that the legs looked a little off but the cordinates said they were the same. I appreciate all the words of praise and critcism. It’s my friday at work so you may not see or hear much or anything from me for two days. I am finally getting back into a small groove of creating fresh stuff. I hope to have more cool stuff for the next critique.