Character Contest 77 Winners!

I think the "Sporty" contest was a lot harder than I imagined it would be. Nonetheless, we got some great entries, which I'd like to share with you here before announcing the winner.

First up is Alvacascus' "Nineball Prince", which I thought had a great, groovy, funky vibe to it. I particularly like the pants.

AMS has a great running pose he uses to wonderful effect in "F-1". And while the pose is cool, I also really like the simple but effective costume design.

AMS also gave us "Slash", a razor-edged hockey-stick-wielding fellow who looks pretty bad-ass.

dblade has the cybernetic woman thing down pat, and I think this futuristic "Wildcat Cheerleader" is both awesome looking and fun.

Diazmydaz came up with the nifty looking "BoxingAngel". I dig the shorts and the patriotic bra, although I think those hands are reversed ...

Gendonesia's "Pool" features wonderful perspective and an engaging overall design.

Gurong7's "Big Bomber" has a ton of whimsy and fun about it, along with a nifty concept.

Kaylin88100 went with a more cerebral "sport" with her "Red Queen", which I thought was just a nice, elegant, simple design done very well.

Kytana's "Sporty Zombies" could be coming to a caption contest near you some time in the post-Apocalyptic future!

Luclucluc's "Slam Monkey" is great, and I especially like the Nike-style "Air Jordan" logo on the shirt, that was a clever touch. We had "Teen Wolf" where a werewolf plays basketball, I don't see why we can't have a "Planet of the Apes" sequel along the same lines!

Nick Hentschel came up with a clever idea for a Chicago-based fan-turned-hero, "First Bassman".

Papakrok's "Telemarkovian" I think has some sort of meaning to it I'm not getting, but I just thought it was a cool-looking illustration.

I'm glad Syntax figured out an image-hosting solution, because "Battle Polo" has a lot going for it and I'd have hated to miss it. I love the ginormous mallet, and the character herself looks saucy and interesting.

Finally, we have Vampyrist with "Pitcher". There's nothing super fancy or crazy about this one, but I thought it had a spare elegance that worked really well. It also nailed the concept of "character based on sports" I was going for.

Those are all outstanding in some way, but for the overall winner I had to go with ... AMS' "Slash"! I thought it did the best job of combining the concept of a character with a sports basis with a great illustration. Congratulations, AMS, just let me know what you'd like for your prize!

26 Responses to Character Contest 77 Winners!

  1. Nice costume and pose, AMS. Gratulation.
    And also the other winners.
    The Apeman, the poollady and the cheerleader also great.
    The Nineball prince remember me on a “One piece” figure.
    (oh no i am not manga fan… really not… longer)

  2. @ AMS :Slash reminds me of Casey Jones from teenage mutant ninja turtles =

  3. From other post.
    @Nick: The fans also zombies. 😉
    @Atomic Punk:
    Ok, of german.
    Es scheint als hätte man den Schiedsrichter die rote Karte gegeben nachdem er sich in die Cheerleaderin verbissen hatte. 😉
    Aber ehrlich…mir fiel da kein Text ein. Vielleicht waren es ja die Hotdogs oder Burger.

    (After the arbitrator bite the cheerleader he become the red card.
    I find not correct text for that entry. But i think the hot dog and the burger are the problems.)

  4. Congrats AMS. Lots of fantastic entries this week.

  5. Great job, AMS! Slash was one of my favorites. Awesome work on all of your entries.

    And congrats to all of the other finalists!

  6. Congrats AMS. Been a long time coming.

  7. Words cannot describe the overwhelming joy I feel at this moment. This was actually my first contest. Ever. I’m looking forward to joining more contests in the future.
    Congrats to everybody who won, and thanks to Keith_Kanin for suggesting I use It really did help.

  8. I’ve predicted that ams will be the winner since the first time I see it!
    that pic really stunned me for minutes O.o
    congratz AMS!

  9. “Slash” makes me think of Casey Jones from TMNT, as well, but only after he’d been to Hell and back. Great entries, great win. I get inspiration from these Character Contests.

  10. Great job on “Slash” and for a reason his mask reminds me one of the guitar players of slipknot.

  11. Congratulations!


    My first win!! Thanks for the vote, Jeff, and thanks to all for the kind words.

    Jeff, I know I have two prizes (one from FNF) to claim, so I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Cheers!

  13. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    I *FINALLY* GOT A MENTION!!!!! Yay! I was surprised that you picked my first one, though: it was the most complex, and got the least “Like”s on the FB page.


  14. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    By the way, Kytana (3): That was my point; I have a bad relationship with sports fans.

    Also, I’d like to mention the pool-playing girl as my favorite out of the finalists: I can’t do composition like that yet.

  15. Avatar headlessgeneral

    Congrats ams! “Slash” was actually the first thing I thought of when I saw the subject of this contest. I was hoping you would enter it.

    Congrats to all the finalist as well!

    Also, I’m a big sports fan and had so many ideas running through my head for this contest. I just wish I had time to get them made. Oh well.

  16. @ams: Congratulations! Nice work with the mask and hockey stick. The veins popping in the right arm is a great effect.

    @gendonesia: I like all of your entries. “Pool” is brilliant.

    @gurong7: Great effects with Big Bomber. The shine is just right. Like a brand new plastic toy.

    @Keith_Kanin: Quidditch is an amazing perspective piece.

    @Nick Hentschel: I like First Bassman. Done right, his story would be a great serial in print or on TV.

    @Rankyn: Space football is hilarious!

    @Trekkie: I like the style of Footballer. Reminds me of the sports impressionist paintings in my dentist’s office.

    @Everyone: Good stuff all around. This was tough since most admitted that they’re not into sports.

    @Kytana: Faulen Hotdogs verursachen ein Fußball-Aufstand? (Bad hot dogs cause a soccer riot.) Schmeckt nicht so gut!

  17. Wow, I was surprised that my char stayed at the top of this finalist entry! Thanks Jeff..

    Conrats AMS! What a sporty hero! Also congrats for the other finalitsts..

    @Kytana (3): Really? Do you think he looks Luffy?

    Btw Jeff, how about sketch theme or romantic-love theme for the next contest??

  18. Congrats AMS!!awsome picture!!!

    maybe next i will do batter for my character

  19. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    Awesome AMS, great stuff as always.

  20. congrats AMS “Slash” !!Your character makes me impressed, the combination of fun and looks nifty

    @The Atomic Punk (16):thank you, but I’m still learning to make his background LOL!

    @alvacascus, @diazMydaz, @gendonesia : great job!congrats dude 😀

    for all: congratulion guys!!!

  21. I’m guessing here of course, but I believe Papakrok’s “Telemarkovian” depicts the titular four-armed hero, presumably from the planet Telemarkov, skiiing in just in time to almost rescue the Yeti from the fire-breathing dragon. The surrounding snow has a layer of soot produced by dragon exhaust and burnt yeti fur. If I’m right, do I win anything?

  22. I must need to up my game. No honorable mentions in a while.

  23. @Atomic Punk: No, football players also. Its a mixture, ask me not why. But i hear that in america soccer is now in. And not change with “American Football”,football is in german also Football(Bei uns heisst es auch Football).
    So i put them together.
    @alvacascus: No he looks like more Lysop without long nose( I like Robin, but i don´t read it anymore)
    BTW: I like also Casey…now i see it again it remember me also.

  24. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    The Atomic Punk (16): That was about the idea. I imagined him hosting a sort of mystery/anthology feature, either printed concept like “House of Mystery/Secrets,” or a televised program like “The Twilight Zone.”

    Originally, the bass and the costume were the only aspects to the character. But when I started toying with those “companion” pieces, the ghost idea slowly hit me, and when I discovered that i could put those creepy faces in the window, that sealed it! Besides, while I originally imagined him as an everyday hero, or un-super street character, I really can’t write that kind of realism.
    I also thought of making him a black guy, which was easier to believe as a musician, but it’s too stereotypical… and I don’t draw black guys well anyway.

  25. Avatar holymasterchief

    hey jeff when are you gonna update hero machine with more stuff?

  26. Congrats all! That was kinda hard, aye?
    Jeff, I stretched on the title, but I was going for telemark skiing… it turned out more like flaming wookie bowling, which, I am almost positive, is a sport in some sectors…