COMICS, everyone!

(Via Comically Vintage.)

15 Responses to COMICS, everyone!

  1. See mom?! I told you vegetables were evil!

  2. Marvel’s Fantastic Four spin-off “The Thing Versus Various Other Things” never really hit it off with the comic fans…

  3. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    They were trying to get all of The Things hard earned money with a food pyramid scheme!

  4. Avatar Hammerknight

    He better run before they toss his salad.

  5. Are these guys the evil Marvel version of VeggieTales?

  6. Silly Ben! The tomato’s a fruit, not a vegetable! How ridiculous! 😀

  7. Dadblamed? I guess Ben has daddy issues, most guys have mommy issues.

  8. I always thought of Ben as more of a meat and potatoes guy.

  9. @Gero:
    Ever heard of a series called ‘Marvel Two-in-One’? Your comment above is pretty much the premise of that line!

    “Soup’s up, boys! It’s clabbering time!”

  10. Avatar spidercow2010

    Vegetables. Coming out of the closet. Armed.
    “We’re here, we’re nutritious, we’re packing heat; get used to it!”

  11. VeggieTales just got real.

  12. Angry Vegitables… Only 2 of the 3 look good to eat.

  13. Looks like an ’80s toy line. Lookout its the Food Fighters. Bet this inspired those toys.

  14. When my mother told me the mixed vegetables had a lot of iron this is NOT really what she meant!

  15. “I’m Bob. I’m a tomato. And I’m here to motherfucking shoot yo’ punk ass!”